Here’s How I Get A Salon Quality Blowout At Home Using The New Hot Tools® Signature Series

Here’s How I Get A Salon Quality Blowout At Home Using The New Hot Tools® Signature Series

You’ve probably come across the silky, blown-out hairstyle trend that has been circling the internet. Most celebs and influencers have been flaunting these looks and of course, I wanted to give this style a try at home. So, I just had to get my hands on the new Hot Tools® Signature Series One-Step Detachable Blowout Volumizer and Ultimate Heated Styler Brush.

Hot Tools® Signature Series proudly has 5 products launching in the Canadian collection this year, and let me tell you, they’re going to give you the hair of your dreams.

You may have already heard of Hot Tools® Professional, but the Signature Series line is designed with great performance, for the retail market. Who says you have to go to beauty school to master amazing styles at home?

I love getting creative with my hair, but I also don’t want the process to be too time-consuming.

These products allow you to cut down on blow-drying and styling, with multi-purpose tools to serve all of your hair needs.


The Hot Tools® Signature Series One-Step Blowout Detachable Volumizer and the Ultimate Heated Brush Styler quickly became my two favourites.

Seriously, I’ve never had so many compliments on my hair before, and it’s all done right at home.

The One-Step Blowout Detachable Volumizer is what I turn to, to get that effortless, model off-duty look. After washing my hair, I love to grab the Volumizer and get right to drying and styling. I actually look forward to doing my hair now, since this product makes it so quick and easy.

The H7® oval design is exceptional for smoothing and volumizing, but the best part is the activated charcoal bristles. 

The charcoal helps reduce any moisture and grease build-up, as my hair tends to get oily quite quickly. I love a hair appliance that can help assist in maintaining my salon-like blowout for at least a couple of days.


The brush head of this tool is conveniently detachable, so it’s perfect to throw in your gym, over-night, or travel bag, without taking up a ton of space.

Gorgeous shiny, healthy-looking hair on the go—who could say no to that?


The next star of the show that I’m obsessed with is the Ultimate Heated Brush Styler. Now, if you’re like me and are always cautious about the amount of heat that is put on your hair, worry no more. This heated curl brush can heat up to 221°c / 430°f and has 10 digital heat settings, so you can customize the heat level for you own personal hair needs. 

It even has Thermaglide® Ceramic Technology that delivers even heat protection throughout my hair.

It makes my hair so silky and smooth without flattening my hair like a regular flat iron would do. I also like to create added volume at the roots and loose waves for a soft, romantic look. It really does it all quite easily with the curved oval design.  This item is a real game-changer for 2nd day hair.


Versatility is the definition of these 2 hair appliances.

Hot Tools® Signature Series has seriously allowed me to experiment and express my own personal style with these great quality tools.

I can’t express enough how effortless it is to get gorgeous, shiny hair with these appliances—you may never need to step foot in a salon again to get your hair professionally styled.

Hot Tools® Signature Series is available November 2020 in-store and online at London Drugs. Also available on and

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