Here’s How Much the Average Rent Costs in Cities Across Canada

A recent report shows us the good and the bad about Canada’s currently housing market. Here’s how much the average rent costs in 25 of the nation’s most popular cities.
Here's How Much the Average Rent Costs in Cities Across Canada

We already know that living in major Canadian cities like Vancouver and Toronto is expensive, the 39th and 86th most expensive cities in the world, to be exact. And with the housing market booming, it may seem like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, but we’ve got some good news.

According to a recent report from Padmapper, rent in Toronto has actually decreased in the past month; for a one bedroom, the average price dropped 1.7% and for a two bed, the average priced dropped by 0.9%. However, despite the slight dips, Toronto still holds the title for second most expensive rent in Canada.

Over on the west coast, things are looking bleak in Vancouver, where apartment rental prices are on a steady rise. The average price for a one bedroom increased 2.1%, while the average price for a two bedroom bumped up 1.3%.

Padmapper’s entire report studied 25 of the most popular cities in Canada and of those, there were just four that had a median rent of under $800; St. Johns, Windsor, Sherbrooke and Saguenay.

See the top 10 most expensive cities for rent in Padmapper’s infographic below and see the full list here.

Are you surprised by the average rent costs for these Canadian cities?

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