This is How Much Canadians Are Spending on Valentine’s Day

According to a recent survey that polled over 1000 Canadians, this is how much Canadians spend on Valentine’s Day. We’re certainly surprised with the results.
This is How Much Canadians Are Spending on Valentine's Day

The day has come. It’s officially the most romantic day of the year – can you feel the love in the air? How about the air that’s filled the space in your pockets from all that cash you’ve spent to spoil your sweetie?

Ebates, one of our favourite money-saving websites, recently conducted a gift giving poll that surveyed over 1000 Canadians, delivering some surprising results about Valentine’s Day.

For example, it turns out, 68% of Canadians are true romantics, agreeing that February 14th is more than just a “silly holiday”. So much so that they’re spending an average of $58 on a gift – keep in mind, this doesn’t include dinner out or new date night outfits. It’s certainly not the most expensive gift giving event, which, according to the survey, is weddings with an average gift giving price tag of $120 (surprising considering what some wedding experts say).

But back to Valentine’s Day.

If you’re still searching for the perfect gift that says, “I love you”, you’ll be pleased to know that 40% of Canadians said they would be happy receiving a gift card (whew, that’s easy) for holiday’s like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s/Father’s Day. Or if you want to take a different route, 33% of Canadians said they’d want to dine out, while surprisingly, only 15% said they wanted flowers.

Of course, there’s something to be said about an element of surprise when it comes to gift giving, so whatever you’re doing, keep it under wraps. 63% of Canadian women and 49% of Canadian men said they’d prefer their sweetheart to surprise them.

But what’s probably most surprising of all is that while 44% of Canadians said they still strive to find creative gifts no one would think of, 43% of men and 38% of women said that when it comes to gift giving, cash is king. Now that doesn’t seem very romantic, does it?

How much do you typically spend on Valentine’s Day?

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