Cheap Dates for Valentine’s Day in Toronto

Another year, another Valentine’s Day, another empty wallet.
Cheap Dates for Valentine's Day in Toronto

Another year, another Valentine’s Day, another empty wallet. Just because you’re young and in love doesn’t mean you have to be young and reckless. Think like an adult this year and remember, it’s always the thought that counts – not the budget, even when we’re talking about Valentine’s Day so to speak. Lucky for you, whether it’s a new found romance you’re not quite ready to invest in, you’re frugal AF or you’re just broke, there are a ton of romantic and affordable activities happening in the city. Take a look at the top cheap dates for Valentine’s Day in Toronto below:

Grown Games Night (February 10)

Grown a** adults can have fun too! Grab your boo and get in touch with the kid inside at Grown Games Night on February 10th at the United Steele Workers Hall. Try your hands at Jenga, Soca Twister and so much more during the Anti-Valentine’s Day games night. Shhhh! They don’t have to know it’s a date. Get tickets for $5 here.

The Erotic Arts & Crafts Fair (February 11)

Don’t miss the sexiest fair of the year – The Erotic Arts & Crafts Fair will be spicing things up at The Gladstone Hotel on February 11th from 10 am to 4 pm. Browse a wide assortment of erotic-inspired objects created by knitters, crafters, zinesters, card makers, and artists of all types for a truly saucy Valentine’s Day.

Image: The Gladstone Hotel

Love Struck Karaoke (February 11)

The Melody Bar at The Gladstone will be hosting their weekly Fameless Karaoke night but this one’s a little different… In light of Valentine’s Day, attendees are encouraged to pick a song from a curated list of love ballads. So stare your boo down and sing your heart out, cuz even if your voice sucks your lover will only have eyes for you. Remember, love is blind, so the saying goes – or deaf in this case.

Beer Mine? A Night of Brew-mance (February 11)

Will you beer mine? Fall in love at first sip during A Night of Brew-mance at Mill St Beer Hall. From 6 pm to 1 am, get hopped up on love to soulful beats, and live music by Jeremy De Freitas and DJ Humble Mike, while you down some smooth brews. No cover, no worries – just love!

Image: Instagram/@millstreetbrew

Heart Opening Yoga (February 11)

Stretch it out and open your hearts! Lululemon will be holding a special 75-minute heart opening yoga class so that you and your S.O. can melt away any tension and feel peaceful AF. Plus you’ll also be feeling super limber which will come in handy for later activities if you know what we mean. Register for $10 here and bring a towel, along with an open heart (mats provided).

Milk Bar Pop-up (February 12 & 13)

Make this Valentine’s Day as sweet as can be – literally and figuratively. Chef Christina Tosi, founder and owner of Milk Bar, will be popping up with her award-winning desserts at The Drake Hotel for a delicious meet and treat. Think souped up White Russians and dessert cocktails that you and your S.O. can lovingly share. Call or email to make a reservation.

Image: Instagram/@itscamilleco

Romance Short Film Festival (February 13)

If you or your S.O. are hopeless romantics, head out to the Romance Short Film Festival at Carlton Cinema for sweet, sappy, and moving films about love. Prepare to be all doe-eyed as you watch this year’s flicks, which we might add are free to see or by donation – it’s up to you. Be inspired and then live out your own picture-perfect romance IRL.

Skating at Nathan Phillips 

If you still haven’t skated yet this winter, now’s your chance! Pretty soon the snow will be melting, so why not make your last skate one for the books?! Hold hands and look all coupley and cute as you shimmy on down the ice with your beloved. For details on skate rentals, head here.

Image: Instagram/@yesica_so

Ever Green Brickworks Winter Village

FYI: It’s the last month of Ever Green Brick Works’ Winter Village – one of our favourite winter outings! Eat, shop, and play as you explore the different markets, then cozy up near a fire pit with your boo.  It’s the perfect winter getaway you can take, without actually leaving the city.

A Cheap Dinner Date

If food is the way to your lover’s heart then woo your boo (and your bank account) with a cheap dinner date. Remember, just because it costs less, doesn’t mean it isn’t freakin’ delicious, plus food that doesn’t leave a huge dent in your wallet always taste a little sweeter. Take a look at some cheap dinner date suggestions here.

Image: Instagram/@deeeeeeeeeeeeeegs

What cheap Valentine’s Day date will you be doing?