How to Dress Professionally In The Era of The Millennial Side-Hustle

Want to look polished and put-together but still show off your stylish personality? Here’s how to dress professionally in the era of the millennial side-hustle.
How to Dress Professionally In The Era of The Millennial Side-Hustle

If you’re a millennial, you likely have friends who freelance, run their own companies or work a second job (or a combination of those things). In fact, you may have a side hustle or two of your own. For many millennials, a side hustle is simply a fact of life.

But how should you be dressing for your side hustle? How do you dress when you’re meeting with potential financiers? Or for a pitch meeting? You want to look polished and put-together but still show off your stylish personality. Here’s how to dress professionally in the era of the millennial side-hustle.

Don’t be afraid of colour

The right color can help convey the exact message you want to say about yourself. So don’t be afraid of those bold shades and bright hues! Colourful clothing – or even just a pop of colour – can make a person stand out in a room.

Play with different textures

Dare to be a little different from the rest and try mixing textures. Playing with different textures is chic but still professional. Leather can be great for a meeting if paired with a classy, second texture like tweed.

Prints can be both professional and fun

Prints can be great conversation starters as they are fun but still sleek and polished. Just don’t wear anything too loud. Choose a print that is a good representation of your side hustle and you.

Wear your black blazer in different ways

Save the pantsuit for Bay Street. With your side hustle, you can use a blazer in more fun ways than traditional 9-to-5ers. Try it draped over the shoulders for a professional yet casual look.

Let your accessories do the talking

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If accessories are your favourite part of an outfit, try incorporating that into what you wear to your side hustle. Keep your outfit simple and let your accessories do the talking. Add a fun necklace and structured tote to instantly elevate the look.

Make your outfit choice a personal one

What you wear should assert a statement of identity and confidence. Your outfit should include something personal to represent that. Wear pieces that mean something to you or designers that you believe represent your aesthetic and creative values.

Dress how you want to feel

You don’t need to dress on trend or in the most fashion-forward look for your side hustle. When it comes to dressing for your side hustle, you should use your clothing as an extension of your voice. So choose whatever makes you feel good! You are a creative professional with stories to tell and every element you wear can convey that creativity.

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