Hudson’s Bay Goes To Court To Challenge The Lockdown Rules

Hudson's Bay Goes To Court To Challenge The Lockdown Rules
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Hudson’s Bay has gone to court due to the newer lockdown restrictions that shutdown retail spaces in select Ontario regions.

A lawyer for the Hudson’s Bay Co., Jonathon Lisus, states that the company’s decision to go to court is due to the confusion that regulations are forcing some retailers to close while keeping others, with similar inventory, open. 

Jonathan Lisus actually explained that the province’s regulations make no “rational distinction” between the HBC department store and other big box and discount retailers that are allowed to remain open. 

hudson's bay goes to court
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He also claimed that there are an abundance of chain retailers that are still open that are very similar to Hudson’s Bay. Although places like Wal-Mart and Costco so sell a bunch of groceries and fresh produce, companies like Dollarama are allowed to remain open and only sell bagged candies and canned food. This is where the frustration lies. 

Lisus said in a release that, “Hudson’s Bay is the only entity that has the industry classification of department store general merchandiser … that is excluded by this regulation.”

huson's bay goes to court
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Along with Hudson’s Bay, around 50 retailers have banded together to sign a letter to Doug Ford, Ontario’s Premier. The letter explains that the new policy has pushed consumers to shop at big-box and discount stores, rather than supporting others. 

HBC has officially asked the court to review Ontario’s decision to temporarily close down non-essential retailers in select regions.

UPDATE: The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has since dismissed Hudson’s Bay request to reopen and operate as an essential service during lockdown.

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