7 Iced Coffee Ordering Hacks That Will Save You Money

Check out easy ways to customize your drink so you’ll save you a few bucks.
7 Iced Coffee Ordering Hacks That Will Save You Money

All this warm weather means iced coffee is officially the only option. And while we know the best way to save money is to make your coffee at home, DIY cold brew isn’t for everyone.

Whether you’re a simple iced-coffee drinker or more of a grande-nonfat-no-whip-iced-mocha type of customer, there are easy ways to customize your drink so you’ll save a few bucks. Here are some iced coffee ordering hacks that will help you save money.

Ask for light ice or no ice at all

Ice takes up a lot of room in your drink so when ordering your favourite iced beverage, ask for light ice or even no ice at all. You’ll get the most bang for your buck here as fewer ice cubes leave more room for the important stuff: coffee.

Ask for the size up

If you’re looking to save, get your drink in a bigger cup. When you ask for a medium in a large cup, the baristas will usually end up giving you a bit more coffee, and then you’re able to top the rest up with your choice of dairy instead of leaving room (and missing out on valuable coffee) or pouring any out.

Split your coffee with a friend

For those on a tight budget, instead of ordering two separate drinks, order a large of your favourite brew and share it with a co-worker or friend. Ask for an extra empty cup and split the joe once you’re back at the office.

Add in your own dairy

You should never order milk in your coffee. Even if the milk isn’t out, you still shouldn’t ask ahead. Ask the barista for your choice of dairy after you’ve paid from the carafes behind the counter.

Pay attention to the different roasts

Order a smaller sized cup of joe than your usual, but ask for the lightest roast. Lighter roasts have much more caffeine than the darker options and will give you the most caffeine on a dime.

Bring your own travel mug

Coffee shops usually charge you the standard cup price when you bring your own travel mug so if your mug is bigger than the standard size, you’re getting more coffee for less. Some coffee shops even give customers a slight discount when they bring in their own mugs to reward them for helping out the planet.

Order hot, ice later

It’s no secret that hot coffee comes cheaper than iced as the difference can be anywhere up to a dollar. So when the weather warms up, and you’re looking to save that extra cash, order a hot coffee and then add your own ice either back at the office or later at home.

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