IKEA Canada Has Just Revamped Its IKEA Family Loyalty Program

IKEA Canada Has Just Revamped Its IKEA Family Loyalty Program

If you thought shopping at IKEA couldn’t get any better, just wait until you hear about all the benefits you can get by joining the newly revamped IKEA Family loyalty program.

The newly revamped IKEA Family program was piloted in Burlington earlier this year thanks to lots of customer feedback and inspirations

ikea family program

“We want the IKEA Family program to be the best way our customers experience IKEA,” said Michael Kotsidis, Customer Engagement and Loyalty Manager, IKEA Canada in a release. “By re-developing the program to understand our customers better, we ensure IKEA continues to be a great place to shop while meeting the growing need for personalization and relevance in an evolving retail landscape.”

Joining the IKEA Family program is still completely free.

Being part of the IKEA Family program gives you access to member-only discounts, workshops, exclusive shopping and community events, access to IKEA’s sustainable Sell-Back program, a free hot drink at the IKEA Restaurant, and more.

ikea family program

The Sell-Back program is where members can sell their used IKEA items back to the store and get an in-store credit in return — how sweet is that?

Members can enter into a monthly $100 gift card contest and enjoy the retailer’s 14-day breakage protection plan so if you break an item while building it, you’re totally covered.

Even better, the whole program is digital. This means that you sign up online, your membership card is digital, and members get offers that are specially unique to the retailer’s online store. So not only are you saving money but you’re also helping to save the environment, too!

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