Canada’s First IMAX VR Centre Unveiled in Toronto

The latest companies betting big on VR – IMAX and Cineplex, both leading entertainment and media companies have recently launched the IMAX VR Centre.
Canada's First IMAX VR Centre Unveiled in Toronto




VR is the future. It’s the reason why you see tech and mobile device companies ponying up big dollars in R&D to create immersive virtual reality technology.

The latest companies betting big on VR – IMAX and Cineplex. Both are leading entertainment and media companies and together they have recently launched the IMAX VR Centre in Toronto. “The Centre” at Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto will deliver guests an immersive, multi-dimensional, virtual reality experience, including movie entertainment content and games.

The new IMAX VR centre will be located in the lobby at Scotiabank Theatre and will feature a unique combination of technology and world-class content that lets users see, feel, move and play in new worlds in an immersive and realistic way. The new centre leverages premium VR headset technology and 360-degree sound. The mind-bending experience will allow players to be instantly “transported” into new and interactive virtual worlds.

“We are excited to be launching Canada’s first IMAX VR Centre at such an iconic location as the Scotiabank Theatre Toronto with our longstanding partner, Cineplex,” said Mark Welton, President, IMAX Theatres. “Together, we look forward to ushering in the next evolution of immersive entertainment and bringing the highly social and interactive IMAX VR experience to audiences in Toronto.”

“As one of our country’s leading entertainment destinations, we are always looking for new ways to evolve and offer a variety of innovative experiences to our guests,” said Ellis Jacob, President and CEO, Cineplex. “We are proud to continue our partnership with IMAX for the launch of Canada’s first VR Centre and excited to demonstrate once again that we are more than just movies.”

The Centre is truly a state-of-the-art facility it features a Players Lounge with 10 futuristic pods that enables multiple players to enjoy highly interactive, exciting, moveable VR experiences in a social environment. The pods, which are designed to optimize user mobility and interaction in virtual environments, can be adapted for specific content experiences – whether single or multi-user.

The new IMAX VR Centre has been unveiled and you can check it out at the Scotiabank Theatre.