The Most Instagrammable Brunches in Toronto

Torontonians almost love brunch as much as they love snapping pictures of it. These are the most Instagrammable brunches in Toronto. Do it for the likes!

Let’s get real. We live in a world where we want to share everything we do with everyone on social media. From trying on clothes in change rooms (even if it’s just to prove skinny mirrors are, in fact, a thing) to making pit stops around the city solely based on backdrops, we’re doing a lot for the ‘gram these days. Oversharing is caring, #AmIRight?

And because we are city that loves brunch just as much as we love those likes, we’ve rounded up the most Instagrammable brunches in Toronto. Bonus: the meals are just as tasty as they look.

Early Bird

Early Bird (Image: Instagram/@maxtismie)

Bar Reyna

instagrammable brunches in toronto
Bar Reyna (Image: Instagram/@planesncolada)

Old School

instagrammable brunches in toronto
Old School (Image: Instagram/@LeKatWalk)

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

instagrammable brunches in toronto
Mildred’s Temple Kitchen (Image: Instagram/@ViewtheVibe)


instagrammable brunches in toronto
Baddies (Image: Instagram/@IcingandGlitter)

Maha’s Egyptian Brunch

instagrammable brunch in toronto
Maha’s Egyptian Brunch (Image: Instagram/@angeliesood)

The Carbon Bar

instagrammable brunches in toronto
The Carbon Bar (Image: Instagram/@everything_delish)

Saturday Dinette

instagrammable brunches in toronto
Saturday Dinette (Image: Instagram/@wylderax)

Portland Variety

instagrammable brunches in toronto
Portland Variety (Image: Instagram/@goodasgoldblog)

Barque Smokehouse

instagrammable brunches in toronto
Barque Smokehouse (Image: Instagram/@vanessaortynsky)

Buca Yorkville

Instagrammable brunches in toronto
Buca Yorkville (Image: Instagram/@bucatoronto)

Did we miss any of the most Instagrammable brunches in Toronto

Featured Image: Instagram/earlybirdbrew

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