30 Of The Most Instagrammable Places In Toronto

30 Of The Most Instagrammable Places In Toronto

While it might be narcissistic, there’s something about seeing a “like” notification on your phone that just brightens the day. Those “double taps,” however, aren’t always easy to come by, and making new, fresh content that your followers will give a heart to can be a struggle. Luckily, Toronto’s a beautiful city, full of wondrous, picture-perfect spots that are sure to up your Instagram game.

If you’re chasing those likes, these brilliant backdrops are sure to impress your followers.

Here are the most Instagrammable places in Toronto:

The Distillery District

Surrounded by 19th-century buildings and cobblestone roads, the entire area is a gorgeous photo op. There are usually great events, like the famous Christmas Market, or exhibits going on outdoors, which adds to the potential of capturing a great Insta pic. 

Angel Wings at Calii Love

You need to check out Calii Love on King St. West and take full advantage of the painted murals. These angel wings as well as a few other murals in the area give us total L.A. vibes with vibrant colours, inspiring quotes, and pretty imagery.

“Hustle” Mural 

Splashed across a brick wall in the heart of Liberty Village is the Hustle mural, designed by Canadian artist Ben Johnston. If you’re hustlin’ for the ‘gram, you’ll want to hit up this spot, which is an homage to the entrepreneurial spirit of the area.


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Nathan Phillips Square

Located in front of City Hall is the now famous Toronto sign. The multi-colour letters are a must-snap for visitors and locals alike. Since popping up in the city, the sign has gone through many makeovers, but Instagrammers will be happy to know this popular sign is here to stay.

The Toronto Islands

If you love to capture a good city skyline moment, there’s no doubt that you’ll score a killer capture with this background. The CN Tower is in the most perfect view, you can truly show off Toronto’s beauty. Not to mention, a trip to the island feels like a total escape from the city and a day trip won’t break the bank either.