The Wonderful World Of IKEA Copy Fashion

You may have heard the story that Balenciaga released a $2,000 bag that essentially looked like an IKEA shopping bag.

When people say how closely the Balenciaga bag looked to the IKEA bag, they went nuts calling out the Luxury good brand for such a blatant copy.

When the internet gets rolling, it’s hard to stop it and now multiple images of IKEA branded fashion products have been flooding the social media space. While all of these products are fake and have no association with Ikea, it’s interesting to see how much attention and use the Ikea brand is getting now due to Balenciaga’s actions.

The world of viral marketing is a head scratcher and it seems no one could predict the collateral benefit that Ikea would receive from the copycat Balenciaga bag. Essentially, Balenciaga released a product and instead of having all the attention focused on them, the internet rejected that idea and instead focused on IKEA.

Now, DIYers, comedians and fashion lovers have all come together to make products using the IKEA logo or actual IKEA bags. The result is that IKEA probably hasn’t been talked about this much online in a long time and the wonderfully weird world of the internet continues to produce amazing and bizarre fashion iteration of the famous ubiquitous IKEA bag.

Check out some of the best designs below.


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