JoJo Fletcher Just Launched Her Own Home Collection With Etsy

JoJo Fletcher Just Launched Her Own Home Collection With Etsy
Danielle Sabol

It’s such an exciting week for The Bachelorette fans and home decor enthusiasts! On Monday, Etsy launched a limited edition home decor collection with JoJo Fletcher, the JoJo Fletcher x Etsy Summer Collection. 

JoJo co-designed each of these pieces, so you’re sure to get a feel for her very own creative side.

Danielle Sabol

The collaboration is with 15 Etsy creators, 7 of which are proudly Canadian.

The products and Canadian designers to shoutout are the throw pillow by TownsendRowHome, the cocktail spoon and ice tongs by MLKANHNY, the natural wood and glass lanterns by Lanterncozies, the soap duo by SOOWORKS, the planters by NightshiftCeramics, the wood serving board by CattailsWoodwork, and the glass straws by BrookDrabotGlass

JoJo says, “I’m typically drawn to a mix of neutral pieces with organic textures and patterns, plus finds that deliver a pop of text or colour for a little extra personality.”  

She explains her very own decorating style as “minimal, laidback, and playful.”

Danielle Sabol

All of the pieces are gorgeous neutral patterns that seamlessly fit into any home.

The JoJo x Etsy Summer Collection is both beautiful in design and very practical, items that you can use every single day—in style, of course. 

The collection is manufactured in small batches with all-natural ingredients, so each piece is made with a focus on detail and handled with care. 

Danielle Sabol

Whether you’re looking for a super fun welcome mat at your doorstep, chic throw pillows to jazz up your living room, or even a spectacular oak serving board to show off at your next house party, JoJo has you covered. 

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