New Heritage Minute Features the Rich History of Kensington Market

Toronto’s Kensington Market has a rich and storied history

Toronto’s Kensington Market has a rich and storied history. as A haven for immigrants, hippies/ hipsters, clothing retailers, and food purveyors, Kensington Market has been one of the crown jewels of the city fusing multiculturalism with retail storefronts and community.

To celebrate Kensington’s history, a new Heritage Minute has been created and it’s unlike any of the previous 87 Heritage Minutes that have become a staple for every Canadian.  The new Heritage Minutes is different due to the fact that there are no period costumes, the footage doesn’t look like something out of the Road to Avonlea. Instead, the new Heritage Minute shows a beautiful water-colour style animation of a Jewish chicken shop that was replaced by a Portuguese fish market and then transformed into a Jamaican music store – it truly shows the beauty of Toronto’s multicultural history.

Check out this awesome video below narrated by Kensington Markets own Tom Mihalik, who is the current owner of Tom’s Place.