Make Sure To Check Your Fire Alarm After Recalls In Canada

According to Global News, 450,000 smoke detectors sold at Home Depot, Walmart and lots of other stores nationwide are being recalled after the company realized the device failed at alerting consumers of smoke.

The Kidde company was recalling models PI2010 and PI9010, which sold in the US and Canada after a yellow cap was left on some alarms preventing them from working properly. The company reported the yellow cap covers one of two smoke sensors and if they are affected homeowners may not be alerted to a fire. Another way people can tell whether their alarm is under recall is by checking for a “pill” shape on the product’s surface.

This is alarming news (no pun intended). So far, the company hasn’t reported any incidents or injuries. The potentially defective alarms were sold September 2016 through January 2018, the company said.

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