Management At Pacific Mall “Deeply Disturbed” To Learn Counterfeit Goods Are Being Sold

Pacific Mall’s management said they were “deeply disturbed and disappointed” by the news that their mall is considered one of the worst offenders in North America for counterfeit goods.
Management At Pacific Mall

Last month, news broke that Pacific Mall in Markham, Ontario is one of the biggest offending retail locations when it comes to the distribution of counterfeit goods in North America.

In a press release from the mall, management said they were “deeply disturbed and disappointed” by the news. The mall’s management stated that they take compliance with the law and regulations that govern the sale of goods seriously.

In the upcoming months, Pacific Mall will be conducting an internal investigation as well as implement strict internal measures to stop imitation goods from being traded or sold.

Here is their action plan for combatting the problem:

  • Issuing written advisories and warnings to all store owners and tenants at Pacific Mall on trading or selling imitation goods, and the legal consequences of engaging in such practices
  • Requesting store owners and tenants subscribe and comply with a Code of Conduct that imposes various legal and ethical standards relating to the sale of goods
  • Partnering with manufacturers to assist in identifying imitation products
  • Commissioning a private investigator to conduct internal audits and monitor for imitation goods
  • Creating a website for consumer awareness of imitation goods

“As Pacific Mall management monitors this situation closely, it will continue to adopt various practices that will help discourage such behaviour from recurring in the future. Pacific Mall is not only one of North America’s busiest retail centres but it also acts as a unique cultural hub for Toronto and GTA residents. Moreover, Pacific Mall has been a retail attraction for millions of local and international tourists. We hope to reaffirm the public’s confidence in Pacific Mall as a place where consumers and families can find a wide array of cultural opportunities and products at great value. ”

SOURCE: The Pacific Mall