How To Score Bus Tickets To New York City & More For Just $1

How To Score Bus Tickets To New York City & More For Just $1

With the relatively high cost of living in Toronto, you may be looking for ways to cut out unnecessary spending where you can. While travel isn’t a necessity for most of us, that doesn’t mean you have to forego it altogether. Low-cost bus service Megabus is known for offering unbelievably cheap bus tickets to certain destinations — including $1 tickets.

They tend to run these promotions to fill seats on routes during off-peak travel times.

Read on to find out how to take advantage of these rock-bottom prices, and don’t delay — the Megabus $1 deal tickets sell out fast!


Find your destination

First, you’ll want to find out whether Megabus travels to your selected destination. Currently, Megabus offers routes across the border from Toronto to Baltimore, Maryland; Buffalo, New York; New York, New York; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Rochester, New York; Syracuse, New York; and Washington, D.C., as well as a bunch of Canadian destinations.

If it’s a trip across the border you’re after, according to WanderU, a ground travel booking platform, the cheapest one-way tickets include Toronto to New York, which can be booked for as low as $11 USD, Toronto to Philadelphia for $20 USD, and Toronto to Washington for $25 USD. However, if you’re lucky, you might even be able to snag a ticket for just $1 USD. 

megabus $1 deal

If you’re looking for deals that go into the States, make sure you’re using the American website and vice versa for Canadian cities.

This might seem like a no brainer, but it’s important for us to note. If you’re looking to travel within Canada, Megabus will occasionally offer $1 bus tickets to destinations like Niagara Falls, Grimsby, St. Catharines, and St. Catharines Brock University, which is perfect for students!

However, if you’re looking for the elusive $1 deal to the States, be sure to use the American website. If you’re between cities in the U.S., Megabus’ famous $1 USD fares are a great way to travel cheap. 

megabus $1 deal

Keep your eyes peeled and be ready to book 

According to Megabus’ terms and conditions, the lowest fares are often offered for only the first couple of seats sold per trip, so you’ll have to act fast if you want to snap up a good deal. These deals only happen a few times a year. 

Like many companies, Megabus keeps up with its customers through social media, so if there’s ever a special promotion going on, following Megabus on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook is a smart way to keep up-to-date on these deals. 

Another great resource is, a website that updates with local travel deals on the regular. By signing up for email alerts, you’ll not only get notified about super cheap Megabus tickets, but cheap travel for across the globe. You may also be able to find promo codes for bus trips on sites like WanderU or RetailMeNot

Just note that you can only take advantage of Megabus’ low prices by booking online — tickets are not sold at kiosks or bus stations.


Be flexible with your travel dates 

Since the price of a one-way bus ticket can fluctuate based on demand, you’re more likely to be able to score a great deal if your travel dates are flexible. Megabus’ $1 travel deals are typically only available for a very specific set of dates at a time. 

Travel solo

Of course, whenever you come across a super amazing deal, there’s usually a catch. And with the Megabus $1 deal, it’s that you’ll likely only be able to book one seat at the $1 price. YYZ Deals notes that when the deal goes live, most dates will only have one seat available.

$1 is the base of the ticket, but there are other charges involved

But that doesn’t mean you’re not getting a great deal! Booking fees are just $2.50.


Featured image: Flickr/Sam Valadi

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