Mendocino & M Boutique Are Closing Stores For Good

Mendocino & M Boutique Are Closing Stores For Good

This year has been a tough year for retailers, both large and small. Stores like Aldo Shoes, Le Chateau, J.Crew, MUJI, Victoria’s Secret, and more have shown signs of trouble and industry analysts say we can expect even more retailers to close stores in the future.

The latest Canadian retailer that has announced closures is Toronto-based Mendocino. The family-owned company also runs M Boutique, which looks like it will be closing as well.

According to an insolvency notice, the company is said to be closing “all or substantially all” of its stores.

Between Mendocino and M Boutique, the company runs around 28 retail stores across the greater Toronto area. The insolvency notice states that the company has over $7 million in debt. However, Mendocino isn’t filing for bankruptcy or throwing in the towel just yet.


As we begin to see stores close, Mendocino will be shifting its focus to e-commerce sales, which did not exist pre-COVID.

At the beginning of the pandemic, M Boutique launched its first online pop-up shop and based on recent announcements, it looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Toronto womenswear retailer online soon.

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