Much Loved Canadian Fashion Brand Jacob is Getting a Revival

A major retailer is reviving the Jacob brand and is selling a mini collection in-store. 

If you grew up in the 90’s you remember Jacob. The Montreal-based brand was a cornerstone in most malls and served as an entry point for many Canadian women into the world of fashion and style. The brand catered to teens and young women who used the brand’s graduated style to take them through each chapter of their lives. From Highschool to University and then into first jobs.

Like many other Canadian retailers, Jacob felt the push of changing consumer demands and the proliferation of online shopping and abruptly closed 90+ stores in 2014. 

According to our friends at Retail-Insider and Montreal’s French-language newspaper, Costco is reviving the Jacob brand and is selling a mini collection in-store.

According to the brand, there is still “…lots of plans” for the Jacob brand and the company wants to focus on wholesale accounts. The key here for the brand is that everything will operate on a much smaller scale and they will be re-issuing patterns that were previously successful.  The plan is to keep purchasing and production small, and the new Jacob business model will rely on a small number of employees.

If you’re a fan of the brand you may want to check out their Facebook page as there are current updates on the status of the collection.