Nordstrom Canada Will Officially Stop Selling Fur and Exotic Skin Products

Google Maps/Brian Cohen

Nordstrom Canada has taken a stance against animal fur and exotic skins. The company announced this week that it will no longer sell fur and exotic skins in stores and online. It’s a much-anticipated step for animal activists all over the world who have long been pushing major retailers to stop supporting the fur industry.

Although the materials or brands won’t be fully phased out until the end of 2021, this is most definitely a huge step in the right direction in creating sustainable practices in the fashion industry. 

nordstrom fur
Google Maps/Cris Diaconu

Teri Bariquit, who is the Nordstrom’s chief merchandising officer, made it official in a statement saying, “As part of our ongoing product evolution, we’ve been working with the Humane Society of the United States and recently made the decision to stop offering products made with genuine fur or exotic animal skin in any of our stores or online.” 

With that being said, Nordstrom still stated that it’ll be continuing the sale of goods manufactured from byproducts of the meat industry, as well as feathers and down, but these products will not be sourced from live plucking. 

More and more consumers are reaching for brands that involve sustainable practices and materials, so hopefully more Companies Get on board And make a change.

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