11 Places to Get Produce Delivery in Toronto & the GTA

These days we could all use a fast-reliable produce delivery service and luckily there are many options to choose in Toronto and the GTA. A great way to keep your immune system strong is eating well, and we have put together a list of shops offering great delivery services for fresh and healthy produce, so no more waiting in long lines! Times are tough but don’t let it stop you from maintaining a healthy diet.

Here are 11 places to get produce delivery in Toronto and the GTA!

Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse Juice Co. is best known for its delicious and nutritious organic juice found in many grocery stores, now offering pantry delivery with the Fresh Organic produce Box. This Box includes kale, romaine lettuce, beets, carrots, celery, ginger, and cucumber as well as offering a selection frozen produce. Other pantry items include kombucha, granola, and almond milk. Get free delivery on orders over $65!

Good Food Box 

Good Food Box Delivery Produce

Good Food Box is a produce subscription service that offers free delivery on orders over $48. Choose from a variety of produce boxes like in different sizes, along with fruit boxes and wellness boxes. The company also offers other products including organic produce, bread and crackers, and pasture-raised meat. Everything from Good Food Box is super fresh, locally grown, and culturally diverse.

Mister Produce

berries and veggies

Continuing a family tradition of providing fresh produce to our community since the ’30s, Mister Produce delivers chemical-free and fresh-cut vegetables to your door. Not only does the company offer a host of fresh fruits and veggies, but it also supplies other items like dairy products and even frozen pizzas.


Freshii offers a great menu of salads, wraps, and smoothies and now the chain offers bundles of fruits and veggies like the Essential Bundle including that includes avocados, Freshii’s green juice, cucumbers, kale, broccoli, and much more. There’s also the paleo bundle, vegetarian essentials bundle, and keto bundle to choose from. Each bundle costs $45 and extra add on items like dressings and sauces cost $3 each.

Harvest Planet 

Harvest Planet produce delivery

With free next-day delivery on orders over $90, Harvest Planet has a selection of vegetable and fruit baskets for $59.99. These curated collections include tomatoes, oranges, Ontario apples, and much more, plus you can also add on essentials like eggs, bread, and milk.

Mama Earth Organics 

produce delivery van

Mama Earth Organics brings local produce right to your doorstep through its partnership with 60 local farms in Ontario. Customers can customize their selection of produce and delivery time each week and you can even add on premade meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with baked goods as well. Even better — get free delivery on orders over $30 within Toronto.

Country Boys Produce

With free delivery on orders over $35 within the GTA, Country Boys Produce brings you food that’ll make you feel good right to your door. The company has been supplying Toronto restaurants since 1987 and have now shifted the business to provide fast and reliable food delivery for our community.

Fruit Suite 

Fruit Suite van

Fruit Suite brings you whole produce as well as healthy locally made snacks. The company also offers products from local brands like Village Juicery as well as Drake Commissary. Get your hands on Fruit Suite’s special WFH (Work from Home) Produce Box that features items like green peppers, avocado, carrots, apples, bananas, and much more, all for just $50!

Stubborn Farmer 

Stubborn Farmer harvests vegetables at their peak ripeness using only natural fertilizers, and zero pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. All vegetables are seasonal, so you know you are getting the freshest products possible. Stubborn Farmer delivers to you directly from the farm and it also offers a great selection of pastured meat, too!

Lazy Daisy Café 

Lazy Daisy Café now offers fresh produce for delivery on minimum orders of $25 with a $5 delivery fee. Looking to satisfy other cravings? You can also choose from a selection of baked goods and coffee beans as well as Ontario craft beer and cider.


grocery delivery

Gocery is an app connecting users with local Asian supermarkets such as Full Fresh, Ranch Fresh, Pacific Fresh Food Market, and Lucky Moose Food Mart. This app is a quick and easy way to have all your favourite Asian grocery essentials delivered right to your door.

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