Real Housewife of Toronto Roxy Earle Just Launched Collection With LE CHÂTEAU And It Comes in 22 Sizes

The reality TV star and body positivity activist targets this collection at women ranging from size 0-22 and offers more than 40 clothing designs and 18 different styles of accessories.

We had the chance to interview our favourite real housewife of Toronto, Roxy Earle. Today, June 6th 2018 Roxy’s collection at LE CHÂTEAU will launch and we are super pumped! The reality TV star and body positivity activist targets this collection at women ranging from size 0-22 and offers more than 40 clothing designs and 18 different styles of accessories.

Roxy is known for her #MySizeRox movement aimed to inspire change, empower women and make sure that shopping is a positive experience for women of all shapes and sizes!

Check out and stores across Canada today to shop Roxy’s latest collection. But, before you do that, get to know Roxy with our exclusive interview below.

Q: In three words how would you describe the latest collection with LE CHÂTEAU?
A: My dream has always been that two friends can walk into a store and shop the same collection regardless of size – with the Roxy Earle x LE CHÂTEAU Collection, which includes sizing from 0 -22W, that dream is now a reality. If I were to describe the Collection in just three words, I’d say it’s revolutionary, fabulous and inclusive. The clothes have been thoughtfully designed to celebrate a woman’s body and are obviously very heavily inspired by my personal style.

Q: How does it make you feel when you see people using the hashtag #MySizeRox?
I created the #MySizeRox movement with the intention of empowering women through body confidence and the ability to find stylish clothes in all sizes, without labeling anyone. It is my message to the world and my call to action for women everywhere to gather their tribe, band together and demand more from the fashion industry. When I see people using the hashtag and read their powerful and moving messages, it makes me incredibly happy to know that my movement is resonating with all kinds of women. The response has been overwhelming! I think it points to the fact that now is the time for a change.

Q: Do you see men using this hashtag as well?
A: Although the #MySizeRox hashtag is more heavily used by women, my hope is it inspires everyone to join the conversation and embrace who they are with confidence  – whether through fashion or in other ways.

Q: When did you start embracing #MySizeRox? Were you always so confident?
 I’ve learned to embrace who I am over the years and I’ve found being confident has been my greatest asset in life – it’s opened up doors for me in so many ways. The most beautiful thing a woman can wear is her confidence. When you do that, other people believe in you, too.

Q: Your size definitely Rox, no doubt about that, but do you find it important as well to maintain a healthy lifestyle? What does a typical day of eating and activity look like for you?
A: To truly love yourself, you need love yourself enough to take care of yourself. A healthy diet and exercise routine is extremely important to me in order to help me feel my best and take care of my health. A typical day of eating for me begins with a tea and green smoothie. I love to cook and experiment with new healthy recipes – I’ve actually started sharing more of these on my Instagram account. Lately, I’ve been really focused on eating whole foods that are nutritious and give me energy without sacrificing taste. I’m lucky enough to split my time between LA and Toronto and my favourite way to start the day is with some exercise – whether a dip in the ocean or a walk in the forest. Spending time in nature has a very positive impact on me.

Q:  Which item from the new collection with Le Chateau is your favourite and why?
 I love them all so much, but my wedding gown “The Meghan” (named after Meghan Markle) is my favourite. I named it after her because she is a huge inspiration to me and represents power, diversity, and change. This gown was my response to a very negative moment I had when shopping for wedding gowns before my special day. Instead of that experience being a time to celebrate, it became a negative experience because of my size. It was important for me to include bridal as part of our line and “The Meghan” is one of our star pieces. I also love the snakeskin pleated gown.

 Q: For someone who does not necessarily believe that their size “Rox”, what are some tips for those people to learn to embrace their bodies?
A: My advice is to focus on feeling good from the inside first and to find those things, and those people, in your life that make you feel strong and happy. It’s not always easy and it’s taken me a long time – and the support of many amazing women – to realize that #MySizeRox.  My hope is that Roxy Earle x LE CHÂTEAU Collection will help women realize theirs does too. I also try to make my Instagram feed a place where I can help women feel good about themselves every day and share positive messages.

Are you going to check out the new collection at LE CHÂTEAU? Let us know in the comments!