A Popular Toronto Dress Rental Company Has Shut Down For Good

A Popular Toronto Dress Rental Company Has Shut Down For Good

This year has been a tough one for businesses across all industries, particularly for retail. Over the past eight months, we’ve seen retailers big and small succumb to the effects the global pandemic has had on the industry, including Canadian companies like Comark, Henry’s, Reitmans, and more.

As retailers have now entered a stage where they can be open, some are still struggling from what was lost.

Rent Frock Repeat, a popular Toronto-based dress rental company, recently announced that it would be shutting down for good.

After 10 years of leading the clothing share industry in Toronto, Rent Frock Repeat says that it is “unable to continue operations.” Prior to COVID, the company had closed its Bay St. location and was preparing to launch a clothing subscription service.

Luckily, those who were fans of the company will still be able to enjoy the collections that Rent Frock Repeat was known for.

The Sprout Collection, a Toronto-based clothing subscription service, has taken over Rent Frock Repeat’s inventory. One of The Sprout Collection’s founders Joyce Lim told blogTO that “the pandemic likely played a role in Frock’s decision to close. Without formal events to attend or an office to go to, people have been living in pajamas and yoga pants.”

Through The Sprout Collection, subscribers can rent clothing on a monthly basis and return them each month for a new rotation of pieces.

We at StyleDemocracy have been longtime supporters of Rent Frock Repeat. We’re sad to see them go but happy to see its legacy live on through The Sprout Collection.

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