5 Hilarious Tim Hortons RRRoll Up the Rim to Win Prizes from the Past

The “it” prizes of each year are pretty hilarious and definitely a sign of the times. Check out these hilarious RRRoll up the Rim to Win Prizes from the past.

With a location kitty-corner to the StyleDemocracy office, it’s obvious to say Tim Hortons is our go-to for coffee breaks. And when RRRoll Up the Rim comes around, the prize-boasting game gives us a little more incentive to amp up our caffeine intake.

As true Canadians know, the annual contest gives individuals the chance to win an amazing roster of goods. Up for grabs this year are Honda Civics Coupe EX-T, LG 4K UHD Smart TVs, $5000 prepaid CIBC gift cards, $100 TimCards, coffee, donuts, and wedges.

But RRRoll Up the Rim prizes weren’t always so extravagant. In fact, when the contest first began back in 1986, all you could win was a large coffee or 20 Timbits. We’re not complaining – we love a good Timbit – but over time, Tim Hortons has definitely stepped up their giveaway game.

Each year, Tim Hortons offers the “it” prize of the moment, and some of the prizes are hilarious. They’re definitely a sign of the times and boy oh boy, has technology changed.

Check out some of the prizes Canadians went nuts for each year below. They’re sure to make you giggle.


Prizes: 365 pairs of His and Her Bikes, 5 cars, coffee/food

rrroll up the rim to win prizes
A couple that bikes together stays together. The His and Hers bikes Tim Hortons gave away in 1988


Prizes: 10 cars, 500 CD Portable Stereos (Boom Boxes), 1000 Cordless Phones, 2,500,000 coffee/food

rrroll up the rim prizes
The big ticket item: a cordless phone!


Prizes: 10 cars, 500 Video Camcorders, 1,500 Mountain Bikes, 3,000,000 coffee/food

rrroll up the rim to win prizes
Not the exact prize, but what a Camcorder would look like in 1993 (Image: Digicamhistory.com)


Prizes: 10 cars, 500 27″ TVs, 2000 Tim Horton Coffee Lover Kits, 5,000,000 coffee/food

rrroll up the rim to win prizes
A Tim Hortons Coffee Lovers Kit


Prizes: 15 cars, 5000 cassette recorders, 7,500,000 coffee/food

rrroll up the rim to win prizes
Again, not the actual prize but the typical cassette recorder looked like in 1995 (Image: ebay.co.uk)

What are some of the best RRRoll up the Rim prizes you’ve ever won? Let us know in the comment section.

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