5 Ways To Save On A Trip To Canada’s Wonderland This Summer

5 Ways To Save On A Trip To Canada’s Wonderland This Summer

A trip to Canada’s Wonderland is a summer must if you’re visiting Toronto, especially since it’s located just a short drive away from the city in Vaughan. From classic rides like the iconic Antique Carousel and Snoopy’s Revolution, to seat-clenching roller coasters like the new Yukon Striker and the cloud grazing Leviathan, the amusement park is fun for the entire family. 

Like any trip, it’s always smart to head in with a plan. Along with a plan of which rides you want to hit up, you might want to make a plan for how to get the most bang for your buck, too. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have a great family outing! 

save at canada's wonderland

From where to score discounted tickets to what to bring along, we’ve rounded up 5 ways to save money at Canada’s Wonderland. 

1. Buy your tickets with your CAA Membership.

save money at CAA

This is hands down one of the simplest ways to score discounted tickets to Canada’s Wonderland. Before visiting the park, visit www.caawonderland.com and purchase tickets for up to 38% off! Depending on what you’re looking for, there’s an offer to suit your needs. Attending with your family? Grab the discounted 4-pack of tickets with free parking. Always hungry? Grab the discounted day ticket with all day dining that gets you free meals throughout your visit. Or just grab the classic option that scores you savings for single day admission — you can’t go wrong with any of CAA’s Canada’s Wonderland packages

2. Have a picnic.

save money at canada's wonderland

If you’re looking for another way to cut costs, think about packing a picnic for you, your family, and friends. You’ll save a huge chunk of cash not having to spend upwards of $20 per person for a meal. While you’re not allowed to bring outside food or drink inside the park, you can pack a cooler or picnic basket in your car and enjoy it with your group in the public picnic pavilion, which can be found just outside Canada’s Wonderland’s front gates. Additionally, there are tons of spots you can grab a seat around the parking lot — we also saw some tailgating when we visited. Re-entry is permitted in the park (excluding during Halloween Haunt or WinterFest), so you’re free to leave for a midday break. Just be sure to have your hand stamped at the front gate!  

3. Share a car with friends.


Parking will add $22 dollars to your day at the park. We highly recommend carpooling to save on your dollar spent per person. Or take public transit and you won’t have to worry about finding your car in a crowded parking lot at the end of the day. With the TTC subway extension that goes into Vaughan, getting to Canada’s Wonderland from Toronto is a breeze.

4. Grab an all-season drink refill. 

save money canada's wonderland

The drinks at the park are pretty pricey and you need to drink a lot to stay hydrated under the heat of the sun. If you forget your reusable water bottle at home, we highly recommend purchasing the souvenir bottle, which offers free refills on your visit for just $15.99 in the park, $12.99 online, or consider grabbing the Ride & Refresh CAA bundle which includes one Regular Park Admission & All-You-Can-Drink Wristband. If you plan on visiting Canada’s Wonderland more than once, you might want to consider splurging on the season drink refills souvenir bottle, which offers unlimited refreshments for the price of $32.99. It may seem expensive, but the cost of drinks add up quick!

5. Pack smart.


Perhaps our number one takeaway from our visit to the park: pack and dress smart! The main things we suggest bringing are comfortable shoes, a swimsuit for the waterpark, sunscreen, towels, a hat, and a refillable water bottle, which you can refill with water at a baby cafe centre. Bonus tip: if you can, bring a stroller. Your kids will need it and you won’t have to splurge on lockers. With lockers for rent ranging from $17-30, bringing your stroller around to store your belongings while in the park. Make sure to keep an eye on it though!

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