Sears Has Had to Disable Comments on Their Facebook Page Due To Customer Backlash

Things keep getting worse for Sears Canada.

Things keep getting worse for Sears Canada. After announcing that they will be shutting down 59 stores, the result is a lot of unemployed people. Not only were about 2,000 employees let go, but they were let go in a public fashion that has lead to bad press and customer backlash.

The CBC is reporting that Sears Canada’s Facebook page has had to disable the comments because it is being flooded by angry customer complaints.

If you head over to Sear’s Facebook page, you’ll notice that they are also actively deleting negative comments. Truly a PR blunder.

Here are a few examples of angry customer complaints but, as Sears is actively managing the page, many comments are gone shortly after they are posted.

While this is exactly what a company is supposed to say when faced with a problem like this, CBC reports that Sears has stated that they are doing this to encourage customers to private message the company for one-on-one support. As social media insiders, we know that this is a strategy employed to keep the negative comments out of public view, while also defusing angry customers in a private setting.