Dutil Denim — Queen St. West

Owner of Dutil Denim on Queen St. West, Eric Dickstein, has spent well over a decade travelling the world to curate the perfect selection of sought out denim brands for his stores.

Without a doubt, This gem of a shop is one of Canada’s best denim speciality boutiques since it opened in 2006.

Dutil Denim is hands down their bestseller but you can also find brands such as, A.P.C., AW Selvedge, C.O.F Studio, Naked & Famous, Pure Blue Japan, and many more for both men and women.

Above all, Customer Service and Product Knowledge Is EVERYTHING in The Denim Industry.

That being said, when you walk into Dutil, you can rest assured that the associates are highly educated in the inventory they carry! So, although walking into a denim retailer can be intimidating, at Dutil Denim on Queen St. West, they will be able to help you with all your denim needs. This is because the staff undergo extensive product knowledge on the fits and fabrics of their brands, as well as wear and care for the denim.

Whether you want eco-friendly or raw denim, mid-rise or high rise, Dutil has a fit for everyone!

In addition to specializing in denim, Dutil launched their Quintessential Collection in 2010. This collection includes shirts and classic denim pieces. Later in 2017, Dutil Eyewear was founded, which offers a range of premium eyewear for their customers globally. 

Moreover, from head-to-toe and even hemming, this denim haven is a one stop shop with service!

If you head into a Dutil store, all locations offer alterations that include chainstitch hemming and tapering; hemming is free with purchase! Additionally, they are also repair masters and can mend wear and tear to save for favourite denim. Simply put, repairing is caring - it gives your denim more character.

If you're forever looking for that pair of denim to fit not only your body but your lifestyle, Dutil Denim is for you!

Stop by the Dutil Denim shop on Queen and let the team find your match made in heaven.

However, if you don’t live in Toronto (or Calgary and Vancouver, where Dutil's other shops are located), don’t worry! Simply head online to pocket yourself a pair today.

Dutil Denim - Queen St. West

Dutil Denim, Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, Canada