Cool clothing finds life again at Vintage Depot

This chain has a number of stores across Toronto. With a location in the East Danforth, one on Bloor Street, as well as in Kensington Market, you can find the store all around the city. This location is found at 70 Kensington Avenue, right in Kensington Market.

Vintage Depot carries pre-loved clothing for men and women, including tops, sweaters, pants, shorts, outerwear, and accessories. The shop also has an impressive collection of sports jerseys.

Some brands you can find in the store range from favourite street style brands like adidas and Levi’s, or even high fashion designers like Gucci and Burberry. 

Vintage Depot also does a great job of finding the best in pop culture clothing. You can find a variety of band t-shirts, WWE merch and clothing featuring your favourite movies.  

Vintage Depot Store Rack
Yelp/Rainier V.

While the space is fairly small, every inch is optimized. With tons of carefully curated clothes through the small but mighty store, you definitely won’t feel like you're missing any great finds. The store is also organized by item and colour, so it's super easy to locate exactly what you are looking for. 

Vintage Depot ensures that every one of its pieces is not only in great condition, but offered to you for an amazing price. If you're shopping on a budget, you have to stop by this store!

Get ready to leave with bags and bags of items, and not even a dent in your wallet. 

Vintage Depot Accessories
Yelp/Vintage Depot

The store’s merchandise is also restocked daily, so you can always keep coming back for more. It never gets boring shopping at Vintage Depot!

Stop by now and see why this is one of the best places to find vintage streetwear in the city!

Location Map

Vintage Depot — Kensington Market

70 Kensington Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada