10 Simple Nail Art Looks You Can Do Yourself At Home

10 Simple Nail Art Looks You Can Do Yourself At Home

Join the club if you were stuck with the glorious task of scraping off your shellac at home this week. While at-home gel or shellac removal is tedious, it pays to take the time and do it the right way — i.e. not peeling and picking it off which only causes you to seriously damage your nails so please don’t do it. One Toronto nail salon shared a DIY removal video the day after it announced it was closing its doors due to the current COVID-19 crisis. Tips Nail Bar is known throughout the city as one of the best of the best so if you’re wondering how the pros make shellac removal look easy, you’ll want to watch and take notes.

Once you’ve successfully removed your shellac, the next step is to paint your nails and while a solid colour is always chic, why not spice things up with a little DIY nail art?

Here are 10 easy and fun nail art looks you can accomplish at home!

Half And Half

nail art

This look from Betina Goldstein is simple, laid back, and most importantly, super easy to do at home. A few coats of a rich, deep oxblood on one half your nail will result in a fun twist on your regular old, at-home mani.

Colour Blocking

nail art

Want to add some fun colour to your WFH wardrobe? Enter the colour blocking manicure that you can easily do at-home. Simply paint your nails with a base colour, then once it’d dried, use tape to add a fun pop of colour.


nail art

If you’re not a fan of nail art but still want to do something fun and different with your mani, why not experiment with different colours? A multi-coloured manicure is unique and a flashback to the manicures from our childhoods.

Animal Print

Since we’re all obsessing over Tiger King these days, keep the animal print celebration going strong with these nails. This nail art look might look difficult to achieve, but it’s easier than you think — it’s just a series of strategically placed dots made with a brush or dotter tool.

Glitter Stripe

Even though we’re not leaving the house, it’s amazing what a flash of glitter can do to boost morale. This nail art look is super easy to re-create and it’s perfect if you don’t have lots of nail polishes to choose from at home.

Cow Print

nail art

Another easy to do nail art look is the oh-so-popular cow print trend. Simply brush on a few coats of white, then paint on a few spots of black, and there you have it!

Polka Dots

nail art

How cute is this nail art?! We love polka dots and this look couldn’t be easier to re-create. Go in with a few coats of clear polish, then dot on black polka dots. If you’re feeling fancy, we suggest using multiple colours for a fun twist!

Star Studded

nail art

If you’re not down to get crafty with nail tools and brushes, just get your hands on some nail stickers. Apply a few coats of any nail polish colour, and then get stickering! We love this nail art look with these stars stickers.

Heart You

nail art

Spread all the love with this heart manicure! While this nail art look may appear complicated, it’s super easy to DIY at home. Apply two coats of a pale or neutral polish, then use a red polish brush on an angle to achieve a heart-like shape.

Line Art

nail art

One of the easiest and least intricate nail art trends you can do at home is just applying one line of nail polish. Go in with a few coats of clear polish, and then add one stripe of colour.

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