Style Spotlight: Matt Sacks

It takes talent to recognize talent, and that’s exactly what our next Style Spotlight does. Allow us to introduce you to Matt Sacks.
Style Spotlight: Matt Sacks

It takes talent to recognize talent, and that’s exactly what our next Style Spotlight does.

Allow us to introduce you to Matt Sacks. 

As the Co-Founder and President of Disruptt Speakers Bureau, Matt spends his days creating conversations about social change. Whether it’s speaking himself or managing his roster of renown speakers – including some from Forbes ’30 Under 30′ – he and his team are always shaking things up.

And while style may not be his main focus, we’d be lying if we said he didn’t have any!

We spoke with Matt to find out what his style “rules” are and how he loves to spend time in Toronto. Check the interview out below.

matt sacks

Tell us about you and what you do. 

I’m the Co-Founder and President at Disruptt Speakers Bureau, we work with events all around the world to create curated public speaking experiences, think TED Talks focused on positive social impact. Our speakers focus on topics that include mental health, social justice, innovation and social entrepreneurship. Being able to create environments to have conversations about the issues we face as communities is what drives us to create memorable events and experiences. Outside of events, I find most of my down time focused on living a healthy and balanced lifestyle – work outs and cooking is how I spend my free time and recharge. 

Define your style in three words.

Functional. Clean. Comfortable

What are some of your own style ‘rules’ that you like to live by? 

I have to be comfortable, that means something different to everyone, what it doesn’t mean is wearing sweatpants 24/7. I just don’t think you can be at your best if you’re not confident with what you’re wearing and how you look, so that’s huge. Fit is always super important, no one wants to see you in an oversized dress shirt, skintight shirt or baggy jeans. Take the time to get clothes that fit your body, it goes along way. I’ve always been into shoes, so making sure you got the right shoes is always a top priority. I wouldn’t say I’m a flashy dresser or have flashy shoes, but they are when I try to bring in something unique. 

If you could implement one change in your city, what would it be? 

Well winter is upon us, but I can’t choose that, so I have to say that I would love to see the subway system and public transportation expanded and made more accessible.

List the top five things about Toronto that you love! 

1. The hidden gems – there are amazing neighborhoods all over the city that each have their own charm… Kensington is my go-to. 

2. Really easy to go out and live it up in the city, but it’s just as easy to curl up and enjoy some down time to chill and get outside.

3. Summer!

4. The diversity that the city offers – not just in its people, but we have access to so much in terms of arts and culture, experiences, food, and social activities. 

5. Blessing and a curse (sometimes) but I love that even in such a big city you can run into folks just walking down the street. It has an ability to create tight-knit communities of like-minded people. 

To keep up with Matt Sacks, follow him on Instagram at @Matsax11 and @disruptt_

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