Style Spotlight: Toronto Fashion Writer and Photographer Amanda Skrabucha

We talked to Toronto-based, Polish-raised, journalist, blogger, and photographer, Amanda Skrabucha all about her career, style, and everything in between.
Style Spotlight: Toronto Fashion Writer and Photographer Amanda Skrabucha

Amanda Skrabucha’s Instagram is a magenta-toned aesthetic dream for fashion, beauty, and travel lovers world-wide. Along with her incredible photography skills, Amanda is also a journalist, previously working with Glamour Poland and College Fashionista, and the founder of her blog,

We talked to Toronto-born and based, Polish-raised, journalist, blogger, and photographer, Amanda Skrabucha all about her career, style, and everything in between.

Tell me a little bit about what you do.

I’m a journalist and photographer and blogger and I create visually appealing content about fashion, beauty, and travel. One of the main things I focus on is photography because I am mostly a visual storyteller. With my blog and my Instagram, I don’t expect people to follow everything I do or sell the same clothes or anything like that, I just want to inspire them to create. I want to use my blog and Instagram as an outlet to show my audience the possibilities and the choice is theirs.

How did you break into the fashion and blogging industry?

I started my website strictly as my portfolio for my journalism and at Ryerson, I was a writer for CanCulture for a year where I was doing photography work for fashion. After a year they asked me to be a fashion editor. I never really expected myself in fashion because my family members are in fashion and they were always telling me how competitive and unhealthy this industry is and I should do whatever I want as long as it was not fashion. I always imagined myself in travel journalism and after the position as a fashion editor at CanCulture, I was given more opportunities to explore this area, going to different events and meeting different people and that’s what inspired me to go more into the industry. I was volunteering for different publications online writing, but then I realized I could do it for myself. I don’t have to write for someone, I can do it on my blog and expand it.

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My Grandma used to wear this beret when she was young ?

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What would you say is your biggest achievement in your career so far?

My biggest achievement so far was being an intern for Glamour Poland because I got to do whatever I wanted. My most memorable experience was a year after when they asked me to go with them to Open’er in Poland which is a music festival` and they asked me to be there to help them with photography and social media. That was a very cool experience.

Describe your style in three words.

Comfortable – Feminine – Casual

How would you define style?

Style for me is a tool to express your personality. I like to use it to empower me and make me feel better about myself. When I feel good in my clothes, I feel more confident and I feel like I can do anything.

What’s one trend you never really got into?

I was always scared about wearing fitted t-shirt bodysuits because I didn’t want to expose too much but I feel like once it got more popular and everyone started wearing it, I wanted to give it a try more often. I always loved it and wanted to try it but I was always afraid of showing too much.

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New #OOTD on my blog ? [link in bio] ?

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What is your go-to outfit?

Probably jeans, a white t-shirt and a neutral colour sweater with nice boots. If you have a good wardrobe of essential pieces, it’s easy to mix and match and grab something to wear when you’re on the go.

What is the most sentimental item in your closet?

I have this denim purse that I got from my mom and she got it from my dad when they were in high school so I think that’s the most valuable item I have.

What are your favourite stores to shop in?

In Poland it’s definitely Zara and Bershka. I feel like in Poland, Zara has different collections than in Canada too. Here I love Urban Outfitters and vintage stores in Kensington Market.

What is your favourite fashion trend right now?

I love the baker boy hats and mom jeans. I get my jeans from American Apparel which is gone now but all their items are different because it was handmade so I finally found the perfect mom jean there.

Where do you get your style inspiration from?

The biggest influence on my style are my parents, especially my mom. Whenever I see a picture of her when she was young, we have very similar styles. And also, my dad loves going shopping and he has his own sense of style.

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I am a December baby ????? #bdaygirl

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