Sugarfina Launches Breakfast With An Extra Twist

Sugarfina just launched a collection inspired by our favourite cereals from our childhoods on and at Sugarfina Boutiques. To celebrate the launch, the brand is even creating its own holiday which has been deemed #NationalCandyForBreakfastDay, which was yesterday.

The full range of products includes chocolate bars and candies inspired by our favourite childhood breakfasts like Marshmallow Cereal Chocolate Bars, Cinnamon Cereal Chocolate bars, Fruity Loops, Cinnamon Crunchies and Gummy Eggs.

1. Cinnamon Cereal Chocolate Bar

White chocolate from Paris and topped with Cinnamon Cereal.

Price: $13.00 (CAD)

2. Marshmallow Cereal Chocolate Bar

Pretty pastel chocolate from Paris topped with marshmallow cereal & rainbow sprinkles
Price: $13.00 (CAD)

3. Fruity Cereal Chocolate Bar

Pale pink chocolate from Paris topped with fruity cereal & rainbow sprinkles

Price: $13.00 (CAD)

4. Cinnamon Crunchies / Cinnamon Cereal

These cinnamon treats are a cereal lover’s dream dessert (no spoon needed). Every bite of our Cinnamon Crunchies is bursting with the best of breakfast – cinnamon toasts are dipped in creamy milk chocolate and covered in a crisp candy shell. Serve up a bowl anytime you need a sweetly satisfying snack.

Price: $9.95 (CAD)

5. Fruity Loops / Fruity Cereal

Just like your favourite breakfast cereal, these crunchy candies are a fruit lover’s dream. A Sugarfina exclusive, our Fruity Loops have a crispy cereal centre covered in creamy milk chocolate, then dipped in a fruity candy shell. Candy for breakfast (and dessert).

Price: $9.95 (CAD)

6. Gummy Eggs

Our love for brunch knows no bounds – especially when these orange juice-flavored gummies are on the menu. Enjoy these tasty Gummy Eggs as a sweet start to your day, or share with your go-to breakfast buddy. Pro tip – they happen to pair ‘eggscellently’ with fresh-squeezed mimosas.

Price: $9.95 (CAD)

Featured Image: Instagram/@sugarfina

What do you think about Sugarfina’s new collection? Let us know in the comments.