6 Smart Tips On How to Spend Less Over This Holiday Season

It’s time to add some structure to the chaos of holiday overspending because it’s important to start the New Year being…not broke, right?
6 Smart Tips On How to Spend Less Over This Holiday Season

Is your bank account already screaming in pain from all the awesome holiday goodies that are currently sitting pretty on store shelves? Yep, we thought so. Here are some great tips you can use to help survive the holiday season without breaking the bank:

1. No, you don’t need a new dress for that Christmas party. Those words probably just caused a stinging sensation to your eyes, didn’t they? New dresses, new shoes, new clothes, in general, are frivolous and completely unnecessary to splurge on especially since nobody even remembers what you wore to last year’s Christmas party. So put down that hanger and go dig something out of your closet.

2. Don’t say ‘yes’ to every single holiday function. We know it’s hard to resist all those awesome Christmas parties but think of all the expenses that you’ll have to incur. Whether bringing a bottle of wine, appetizers, hostess gift etc – these things all add up very quickly. So make a list and select a few parties that you want to attend and stick to the plan.

3. Work within a budget. Create a Christmas list for every person you’re planning to buy a gift for and set an amount for each person. This easy to-do Christmas planning will help keep you organized and stay on budget.

4. Consider DIY gifting ideas. There are tonnes of great DIY gift inspirations on the internet that you can make for the people closest to you. These gifts tend to have more sentiment attached to it so get online and scour Pinterest for ideas or check out our 7 DIY gift picks.

5. Use your reward points to buy gifts. Oh yeah, don’t forget about those points! You probably have a bunch racked up on a reward program card somewhere. We’re talking points from your credit cards (which have cool offerings like cameras, gift cards, clothing, and trips), programs like Shoppers Optimum or any of these reward programs.

6. Attend free holiday events in your city. The holiday season is usually the busiest when it comes to free events and activities: free light ceremonies, ice skating rinks, performances.. the list goes on. So be smart and don’t splurge on expensive concerts or restaurants. Explore your city’s event calendar and don’t miss out on great events.

What other tips do you know on how to survive the holiday season? Share them with us!

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