10 Sustainable Bedding Brands To Shop Right Now

10 Sustainable Bedding Brands To Shop Right Now

Having a total switch-up for your bedspread can definitely make you feel refreshed for the upcoming season. Since our bed is usually the focal point of the room, it’s always nice to layer on aesthetically pleasing sheets and covers. With that being said, it’s also key to shop eco-friendly-made items so you can feel good about what you purchase. Luckily, there are a handful of brands that offer beautiful sustainable bedding.

Here are sustainable bedding brands to shop right now.

Parachute Home

This modern lifestyle brand is committed to making you feel at home. Parachute is anchored in comfort, sustainability, and offering timeless essentials designed to help customers improve their quality of life. Browse the beautiful inventory at  parachutehome.com or exclusively in-stores at the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Silk & Snow

From the beginning, Silk & Snow knew that superior sleep came from products with eco-friendly materials that are built to last. The brand uses textiles like Egyptian Cotton and European Flax Linen in the bedding, plus all the products are manufactured consciously and more durable than the alternatives.


This B Corp Certified Corporation, Kotn, has ensured sustainable methods are in place throughout the manufacturing process. The brand has begun a project to ensure that 100% of the natural fibers that are used are certified organic within the next five years to establish a more sustainable future. 


At Benji, the brand sets out to simplify the entire process by eliminating your trip to the big-box store, debunking the myths around thread count, and offering high-quality and affordable bedding all online. Make shopping for sheets simple and easy with Benji.

Maison Tess

If you’re into those neutral, earthy tones, then Maison Tess is for you. The brand’s goal is to provide you with premium quality products with complete transparency, which is why they work with the most unique and high-end fabrics to create the beautiful sustainable bedding that you’re looking for. 


In 2010 SOL founders Vishal Naithani and Sachin Chauhan went out on a mission to bring ethical integrity to a marketplace saturated with inequality and unsustainable materials and practices. The two friends decided that in order to fulfill their dream of creating textiles with integrity, they would need three simple ingredients: Organic cotton, equality for all employees, and people who really know about cotton.


CULTIVER believes in finding enjoyment in the things we use most frequently. Wherever you use them – in bed, at the table, or around the house, the brand hopes that you find its products bring beauty and moments of appreciation to your daily rituals. Thoughtfully sourced, carefully selected, with premium quality and style in mind.

Under The Canopy

Under the Canopy provides sustainable, organic cotton bedding, sheets, pillows, duvet covers, recycled comforters, and more – at a fair price! It can be difficult to find sustainable brands with affordable prices, and although this bedding isn’t cheap, it isn’t as expensive as others in the market! Plus, all products are free from pesticides and made with low-impact dyes and no harsh chemicals.


Named for a form of poetry and built on the belief that comfort can be engineered, Sijo sets out to create sensorial superior, sustainable sleep products. Its bedding features timeless designs with comfort and sustainability at the forefront – ensuring all fabrics and fibres are not only high quality but also ethically grown and manufactured. 


Takasa started with its founders becoming parents which inspired them into making eco-lifestyle changes. The Canadian company crafts homewares, including bedding, that is organic, ethical, and manufactured using environmentally safe methods. The brand also uses so harmful dyes or chemicals, so you can rest easy.

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