Online Stores To Shop For The Best Home Fragrances

Online Stores To Shop For The Best Home Fragrances

The scent of your home is just as important as decor when it comes to setting the mood. Whether you are looking for a scent to inspire creativity, help you concentrate, relax, or simply cover up odours, home fragrances are an essential buy. Not only are there a variety of scents to choose from, but different products to do the job, including incense, candles, room sprays, and more! Keep reading for our picks to infuse your living space with fragrances you’ll love.

Here are the best online stores for home fragrances to freshen up your space.

Linen Chest

Linen Chest has an abundance of products to choose from to spruce up your home scent. It even has its own Home Fragrance tab filled with room sprays, diffusers, essential oils, fragrance sachets, and candles.



Sephora, of course, has it all! Not only do they carry an awesome variety of scents for your home, but also you can score fabulous designer brands. Shop Tom Ford, Jo Malone, VOLUSPA, Maison Louie Marie, and more.


Looking for that company that really focuses on sustainability and prioritizing it throughout its products? Check out Clarins as your online store for the best and lovely smelling home fragrances. Three scents are available which include Wonder Fig, Sweet Neroli, and Tonic Citrus.

Bath & Body Works

We all have wondered into a Bath & Body Works store at least once before. The amounts of scents and fragrances can seriously seem endless, which means that you’re sure to find one that you want all around your home. From candles, to wall flowers, and room sprays, this shop has it all.

best-stores-for-home-fragrance-well is your go-to site for all of the wellness products that you need in your life. If you’re searching for odour eliminators or just want to add an aromatic scent to your freshen up your home, you’ll definitely find it here. Browse through air neutralizers, room sprays, incense, candles, and more.


Laline offers such beautiful, aesthetically pleasing products. From holographic, crystals, and neutral-toned diffusers, you’ll find the home fragrances that mach up to your Pinterest board.


Explore the world of diffusers with the widely popular Saje store. Not only will your house smell wonderful, but you’ll also gain the benefits of the essential oils that you’re using too.

Jo Malone

Jo Malone

Check out the Home tab on the Jo Malone online store for the best of the best of fragrances. Shop through candles, diffusers, linen sprays, room sprays, and so much more.

Common People Shop

The local Toronto store, Common People Shop, has a lovely selection of home fragrances to use for your living area. It has candles, diffusers, incense, and more. Plus, some of the candles have quirky sayings on the label which make for a fun home accessory!


The lovely shop, KANDL, offers the most beautiful and luxe line of candles that you’ve ever seen. The company creates hand-poured, small-batch, premium products, that are each placed in unique custom-blown glass vessels. You can even create your very own candle, fully customizable to your liking in their lab. Book now for your own session!

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