The Top Sustainable International Brands To Shop

The Top Sustainable International Brands To Shop

There are so many ways to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly. Shopping at sustainable brands is one way to do this since the fashion industry is a huge producer of waste and greenhouse gas emissions. So, make an effort to check out sustainable brands when you shop and browse our roundup of eco-conscious companies for outerwear, tops, bottoms, footwear, skincare, and beauty. You’re sure to find pieces you love and feel good about.

Here are the top 10 sustainable international brands to shop.


The owner, Nancy Twine, found a gap in the natural hair care market, and so she created Briogeo. Briogeo focuses on high-performing haircare, without sacrificing the use of natural products and transparency about ingredients. The brand offers awesome hair treatments, products, and more, made from ingredients you can actually pronounce. 



Reformation follows a materials guideline called the Ref standards. The materials are listed in five different categories in which the brand aims to use 75% of their A and B fibres. The A fibres are rapidly renewable, plant-based, and have a potential for circularity. Similarly, the B fibres are almost all-natural or recycled fibres. 


Patagonia is part of the Canadian sustainable brands that truly understands the impact that fast fashion has on the environment. The brand focuses on making high quality clothing with recycled materials to promote an eco-friendly legacy.



Levi’s continues to source more sustainable materials and finds ways to use less water. It’s WELLTHREAD™ collection is created in Worker Well-Being facilities with rain-fed Cottonized Hemp, Water<Less® technologies, and as many recycled materials as the company can incorporate. Its puffer jackets and vests are now also made from recycled plastic bottles and waste, so, you get the same Levi’s® look and feel you love while keeping waste out of the landfills.


The contemporary fashion brand, Everlane, strives to use the most sustainable materials from farm to factory, and invests in new fabric innovations to ensure it’s reducing its impact on the planet. Everlane prioritizes natural fibers, and uses recycled synthetics where they have a clear performance and/or durability advantage.


Sustainability is no joke when it comes to the footwear brand, Allbirds. It measures the emissions of its raw materials and reduces the company’s impact by incorporating things like natural and recycled materials. Plus, Allbirds also counterbalances the emissions that are left with carbon offsets to officially make Allbirds a completely carbon neutral business.

Columbia Sportswear 

Facebook/Columbia Sportswear

Columbia Sportswear is constantly improving its product design and sustainable manufacturing practices, to create new ways to reduce the impact on the environment. A practice that the brand uses is the bluesign® system, which keeps chemicals of concern out of the manufacturing process. Implementing bluesign® enables factories to operate more efficiently, reduce overall water consumption, and ensure products meet the strictest chemical safety requirements.


The sustainable international brand of activewear owned by Gap Inc., Athleta, is B Corp certified. In fact, 76% of its materials are made of sustainable fibres, 4% of its products are made using water-saving techniques, and 72% of its waste from shipping packaging has been diverted from landfills.


Pact offers menswear, womenswear, and children’s clothing that are all made from organic cotton. Additionally, the brand is Fair Trade Certified. Pact offers a clothing donation program so that you have a place to deliver your gently used clothing, which means your clothing doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Eileen Fisher

This womenswear brand, Eileen Fisher is an industry leader in ethical and sustainable fashion. The company plans to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions from production by 25% by 2025. Not only does it source sustainably, but it also makes a point to create a supply chain of fair working wages.

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