Canadian Brands That Have Had A Global Impact

Canadian Brands That Have Had A Global Impact

There are so many Canadian brands that have strived to create a positive global impact. From creating sustainable products, to contributing to important organizations, to protecting the environment, these brands should be supported. Canadian brands are changing the retail industry and have more impact on the world than ever before. Check out all of these companies who put the earth and the community at the forefront of its business strategies.

Here are Canadian brands that have had a global impact.


SSENSE is fully committed to being a positive force in the fashion industry. It continues to make efforts to mitigate the negative social, environmental, and economic impacts related to the company’s operations. Also, SSENSE employees have citizenship in more than 35 different countries, and last year it hired models from 17 different countries. It’s focused on advancing gender equity by working together to guarantee a work culture that is free of harassment, intimidation, harmful stereotypes, and unlawful discrimination.


brands that have had a global impact

Lululemon believes that everyone has the right to be well. The brand recognizes that not everyone feels represented or welcome. ‘Here to Be’ was then created to help ensure that movement and mindful practices are accessible, and to advocate for change so that everyone can be well.


brands that have had a global impact

Aritzia created the Aritzia Community Care program so that you can purchase products in which part of the sales go toward a relief package to frontline COVID-19 healthcare workers on your behalf. The brand is also investing $1 million to expand and strengthen its Diversity And Inclusion Program to create positive impacts towards Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+.

Canada Goose 

This past year, Canada Goose launched its Sustainable Impact Strategy. The brand is focusing on its long-standing commitment to keep the planet cool and the people on it warm. With this strategy, Canada Goose is determined to be carbon neutral, 100% Responsible Down Standard certified, to use reclaimed fur, and eliminate all plastics.


In June 2020, Mejuri announced the Mejuri Empowerment Fund that is based on the fact that when women are empowered to lead, they empower everyone around them. The company chose to start with supporting higher education for women and non-binary people. As part of its broader commitment to women’s empowerment, it pledged over $150,000 between 12 months to scholarships for Black women and Black non-binary people.


Although DECIEM is not yet a fully sustainable beauty company, its made a commitment to continuously improve all areas of our operations. Over the next two years, DECIEM is set to produce over 130 million unit boxes to hold all of its well-loved products. Since recognizing the impact and scale of this demand, its transitioned to carbon-neutral cardstock. DECIEM is also happy to offer an in-store recycling program, giving customers the ability to recycle product empties from any beauty brand.


Roots considers protecting the environment as one of the most critical issues of our time. It’s made the environment a priority to act responsibly and to do what they can to minimize any harmful impacts. Long before global warming became a household term, Roots supported a wide range of eco-friendly initiatives.

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