Swoop Is Hosting A Massive Sale With Flights To Cancun For As Low As $99

Swoop Is Hosting A Massive Sale With Flights To Cancun For As Low As $99

If the winter’s got you down, a vacation might just be what you need to cure the winter blues. And luckily, there are some major flight deals for you to take advantage of this week.

For three days only, low-cost airline Swoop is hosting a massive sale to help you escape the winter.

The Swoop Escape The Winter sale features flight deals for as low as $49, depending on where you’re flying out from.

From now until December 19, one-way tickets to destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Montego Bay, Cancun, Orland, Las Vegas, and more are under $128.

The ticket deals are for travel in the thick of winter between December 30, 2019 to February 29, 2020, with blackout dates from February 15 to 23, 2020.

swoop escape the winter

If you’re based in the greater Toronto area, there are plenty of one-way flight ticket deals out of the Hamilton airport.

HamiltonMontego Bay$             128
HamiltonPuerto Vallarta$             120
HamiltonCancun$             120
HamiltonLas Vegas$                99
HamiltonOrlando$                99
HamiltonFort Lauderdale$                99
HamiltonTampa$                99
HamiltonEdmonton$                69
HamiltonHalifax$                59

Or if you’re flying out of London, Ontario, there are even better deals to be had, like a $99 ticket to Cancun!

London, ONCancun$                99
London, ONLas Vegas$                79
London, ONOrlando$                79
London, ONAbbotsford$                59
London, ONEdmonton$                49

If you’re not based in Ontario, don’t fret! Swoop also flies out of Edmonton, Kelowna, Abottsford, and Winnipeg.

EdmontonLas Vegas$                99
EdmontonMazatlan$             140
EdmontonOrlando$                99
EdmontonLondon, ON$                49
EdmontonWinnipeg$                49
KelownaLas Vegas$                89
AbbotsfordLas Vegas$                61
AbbotsfordHamilton$                69
AbbotsfordLondon, ON$                59
AbbotsfordWinnipeg$                59
WinnipegLos Cabos$             121
WinnipegPhoenix (Mesa)$                99
WinnipegOrlando$                95
WinnipegFort Lauderdale$                87
WinnipegTampa$                87
WinnipegHamilton$                49
WinnipegEdmonton$                49

So what are you waiting for? Book your Swoop Escape The Winter tickets now! The sale ends on December 19.

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