Swoop Airline Is Offering Flights To BC For Less Than $100

Swoop Airline, the ultra-low cost airline by WestJet, has released its summer schedule and is offering flights to BC for less than $100. Other deals include…
Swoop Airline Is Offering Flights To BC For Less Than $100

When winter rolls around, it’s hard not to dream about our next escape, no matter how enticing some winter adventures look. And luckily, with all of the no frills airlines around, deals are popping up all of the time — you just need to know where to look!

Because we’re constantly on watch (and planning our next vacation), we’ve found a deal from Swoop that’s pretty hard to beat.

Recently, Swoop Airline, the ultra low-cost airline by WestJet, released its summer schedule, and it’s jam-packed with cheap flights.

flights to BC

One of the most notable deals is a one-way ticket from Hamilton, Ontario to Abbotsford, British Columbia. At the moment, there are a few $89 one-way tickets available starting December, but if you skip ahead to January and February, you’ll find $89 one-way flights for a variety of different dates, and even more from March to June.

If you’re planning on an escape for the winter, keep in mind that Abbotsford isn’t exactly hot. Historically, the weather is warmer than Ontario’s temperatures. Visitors can expect some rain and temperatures around 5 to 7 degrees. Compared to below zero temperatures, it’s a nice little bump.

And if you’re looking to get to visit Van City, the drive isn’t so bad! By car, it’s just a little under an hour and a half away, and you can also turn to Greyhound buses to get you around British Columbia, too.

Swoop is also offering a variety of other deals. If you’re flying out of Hamilton, you can grab a one-way flight to Winnipeg starting at $69, Halifax starting at $79, and Edmonton starting at $89.

Just act fast — the offers end Thursday, November 29.

flights to bc

To book your flight, just head on over to the Swoop website.

Keep in mind that when travelling with the no frills airline, you are just paying for your seat, one carry-on item, and one personal item. All extras will cost you a little more. Some services and perks you can add on include priority boarding ($10.50), a checked bag ($26.25 per bag), inflight WiFi (prices available onboard), headphones ($3.99), food and snacks ($1.89-$6.49), non-alcoholic beverages ($0.99-$3.89), and alcoholic beverages ($4.99-$8.49). Get full information about Swoops services on the airline’s website.

If flying within Canada isn’t something you’re interested in this winter, be sure to check out our list of the best travel deal websites!

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