TELUS Canada Is Now Offering “Endless” Data Plans

TELUS Canada Is Now Offering

If you’re one of the many that goes over their cellphone data each and every month, we’ve found a phone plan that might just be perfect for you — and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Gone are the days of wondering if unlimited data would come to Canada… Because those days are now!

TELUS Canada recently introduced endless data and $0 upfront on every single phone.

According to the TELUS Canada website, “now all devices start at $0 with TELUS Easy Payment, and our new Peace of Mind Plans offer endless data with no overage charges.” The website states that all Peace of Mind plans feature unlimited nationwide calling, unlimited nationwide texts, call waiting, call display, unlimited nationwide picture and video messaging, voicemail, and conference calling.

It sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but how much does it cost?

telus canada

There are three different Peace of Mind plans to suit each individual’s needs.

The first is Peace of Mind, perfect for social media lovers, which includes endless data up to 10GB. After 10GB, users can continue to surf and stream at reduced speeds and no data overages. Peace of Mind users will also have wifi hotspotting up to 10GB.

The second package is Peace of Mind Plus, perfect for those who love to watch videos on their phone. The plan includes data up to 20GB and endless data at reduced speeds after 20GB, no data overages, and wifi hotspotting up to 20GB.

The Peace of Mind Ultra includes all of the same except at up to 50GB and is perfect for the user that is always connected and online.

To take advantage of the deal, visit your local TELUS.

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