The 5 Best Mall Food Courts in the GTA

For the last 5 years, every mall seems to be stepping up their food court game, turning once forgotten necessities into premier destinations.
The 5 Best Mall Food Courts in the GTA
For the last 5 years, every mall seems to be stepping up their food court game, turning once forgotten necessities into premier destinations.

If your the type of shopper that visits different malls throughout the GTA, your reasons for picking a mall probably have to do with what store you’re interested in visiting.
With the increasing development of food courts in our top malls, we suggest that if you’re going to eat, you might as well pick the mall with the best food court. Below is our list of the 5 best Mall Food Courts in the GTA.

Honourable Mention: Village by the Grange Food Court 

53 McCaul Street
Toronto, ON M5T 2W9

Best Review:
This place is deceptively sketchy from the outside, but its exterior belies a heart of gold. Truthfully, one of the downtown core’s best food courts; far better fare that you will find in the hyper-commercialised restaurants that the PATH has to offer. Try Manpuku, a Japanese eatery tucked away in a corner, but one of the best finds in the mall. Mean Bao is excellent as well, as is Sakura.Incredibly inexpensive – it’s near impossible to spend more than $10 here, and very possible to spend less than $5. If you’re a Metropass holder, and work in the financial district, the journey here is well worth it.A quick jaunt away for those who work on University, and convenient for OCAD students too.  – KEVIN

5. North York City Centre Food Court



Best Review: 

This food court opened for business on January 7th, 2012.  A few restaurants within the food court have continued to open in later weeks of January.
As a new food court, this place is extremely busy.  I’m not sure where all of these people are coming from or where they were eating before.  None of the existing places nearby have had long lines,  but the lines at every restaurant in this food court are extremely long.  To avoid these lines, you’ll need to come before 12 or after 1.

Cleanliness and Appearance
– This is a new food court, and as such is very clean.  There appears to be people roaming around and quickly bussing tables.  It’s also bright and modern.  It’s not like some of those depressing underground food courts.

– There is ample seating.  Despite the large number of people buying food here, I didn’t really notice lots of people wandering around trying to find seats.  This is helped by the fact that most people here are bringing their food back to the office.

Variety – As of the time of this review, the following restaurants are located in this food court:
– Manchu Work – Chinese fast food
– California Thai – unfortunately, this isn’t really Thai.  Most of the food is greasy battered chicken.  The menu is very similar to Manchu’s Wok’s.  It’s redundant, in my opinion.  
– Subway
– Sbarro – Pasta and Pizza
– Wasabi – A noodle place
– Opa! Of Greece
– La Prep – this isn’t in the food court, but is directly across the hallway.  They sell, wraps, sandwiches, salads, and things like that.

– There is also a Starbucks location and another place called Cafe Palma in the same building.  There is a Druxy’s down the escalator.
Overall, the variety is just ok.  I’d prefer a true Thai place vs. California Thai, which is just a slightly better variation of Manchu Wok.  I’d also like to see more healthy options.
This food court is connected to the North York Centre subway station. – MICHAEL

4. Richtree Eaton Centre


Best Review: 

Richtree at the Eaton Centre recently underwent a huge makeover which brought it right up to date, with a fresh new look and different food options. The new restaurant takes up the entire space previously occupied by the Queen Street food court.
There are lots of options available, including sandwiches/paninis, coffee, pizza/pasta, burgers and noodle soup. Although the new food selection is very comprehensive, I miss some of the older options like pasta bolognese and curry chicken pasta, which I don’t think are on the menu anymore.
The new restaurant also has a full bar, which makes waiting around at the mall a lot less boring. Overall, a huge improvement. The only negative comment I have is that the music is WAY too loud and echoes throughout the restaurant. It makes it very difficult to enjoy a quick bite to eat and made me want to get out as quickly as possible. A solid three stars but with room for improvement. -JUSTIN

3. Food Central Square One Mall


Best Review:
The food court has been upgraded since the older days. It has everything one can wish for, traditional fast food to Chinese to Japanese, American, Mediterranean and Mexican. Lots of choices and seating for everyone. Also, coffee and tea stores are everywhere and no shortage of. – DAVID 

2. Urban Eatery at the Eaton Centre 


Best Review:
The Urban Eatery is epic compared to what it used to be. My favourite place is Aroma and their little seating area. But there are a ton of choices for food and even a vegan/veggie place. Perfect place to grab something quick or to kill some time downtown. It’s pretty clean too for such a big food court! You can wash your hands at the hand washing station. – JELENA



Best Review: 
With Yorkdale’s new and improved underground parking lot, I find myself frequenting this mall more often!
Their new and improved food court is also pretty impressive. Come on, you could actually RESERVE a table at this food court. Just talk to the food court concierge when you come up those escalators. This way, you’ll never be stuck holding a tray, frantically finding for a spot to sit in.
The new decor is spacious and modern. The clean up station is also much more efficient than the old throw-it-away yourself bins. The variety of fast food restaurants are pretty standard: Chipotle, Manchu Wok, New York Fries, Shanghai 360…etc.

Tip: Reserve a table, and shop till you’re ready to eat! – TIFF

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