A New Boutique Hotel In Toronto Is Offering Rooms For $1

A New Boutique Hotel In Toronto Is Offering Rooms For $1

Toronto’s newest and chicest boutique hotel, The Annex, is welcoming its neighbours to be the very first to stay here at the cost of $1 for a one night stay. This special offer will allow Torontonians to experience the new hotel from November 26th to November 29th on a first come first basis.

Every element of the hotel was carefully curated with the community in mind, from hand-selected artwork to custom finishes. The entire vibe of The Annex hotel embodies the spirit of the neighbourhood.

The Annex will be releasing 24 rooms a day at $1, for one night only, and the first to book will get the room for the night.

Guests can sign up to receive email or text notification for when the bookings go live at theannex.com/staycation.

The boutique hotel has collaborated with the best artists, foodies, craftsmen, and service professionals from the neighbourhood to enable you to live like an Annex resident.

“The best part of traveling is when you truly feel like a local, so we set out to create something that would be cherished by Torontonians, while also attracting international travelers,” Justin Fong, Managing Partner of The Annex, said in a press release. “The Annex was created with the belief that we could deliver a travel lodging experience that was authentic, social, serviced, indulgent and affordable.”

Located at 296 Brunswick Ave, the hotel a combination of an Airbnb and a design hotel. There’s no room service, TVs, or a front desk, in order to create a more welcoming and social experience for all staying at the hotel. Guests can make reservations through The Annex website, as well as the Airbnb platform for rates between $150 and $250.

The Annex Lobby 

Cafe? by day, wine bar by night, this spot is open from 7am to late.

Grab your morning coffee with beans straight from Reunion Island Coffee and feast upon their balanced range of breakfast offerings in collaboration with Toronto locals; The Tempered Room and Ripe Nutrition. Grab and go, or get comfortable and tap into our lightning speed wifi.

Hotel restaurants don’t get much cooler. In the evening, this spot gets cozy and intimate. With a carefully crafted menu of shareable plates, delectable cocktails, and a wine list courtesy of their in-house sommelier featuring natural, biodynamic wines and craft beer.

The Neighbourhood

The Annex is an authentic blend of old and new, with a vibrant and young feel. Since the late 19th century, the neighbourhood has preserved its distinctive character because of visionary activists and urban planners. Perfectly located between Koreatown and Yorkville, they’ve collaborated with local artists and shopkeepers who define this unique neighbourhood.


What’s In The Neighbourhood? 

2 minute walk:
  • BMV Books (Bookstore)
  • Ahimsa Yoga (Yoga Studio)
  • The Burger’s Priest (Burger Spot)

5 – 10 minute walk:

10 – 30 minute walk:

The Art Program

Experiencing living like a local is the best way to travel, so The Annex brought the community to your very own doorstep. All of their spaces feature the work of hand-picked local artists, musicians, artisans, and chefs. Get to know them during your stay – they are just a walk away.

The Rooms

As mentioned before, this boutique hotel only has 24 rooms, spanning over two floors. While there are no phones or TVs, there are iPad Pros, turntables, and a selection of albums, along with a full stocked minibar complete with local spirits and healthy snacks.

Visitors can choose from 5 different rooms: small, one queen bed and just enough room for you; medium, one queen bed and lots of light; large, one king bed; and extra large, two queen beds. Pricing for the rooms start between $150 and $250 per night.


Photos by Mat Derome for The Annex