The Best Hair Tools To Achieve Every Type Of Curl

The Best Hair Tools To Achieve Every Type Of Curl

Looking to perfect your hairstyling abilities this year? There are a bunch of hair tools on the market that can help you accomplish any type of curl and wave that you desire. We got advice from celebrity hair stylish and Chatters brand ambassador, Cindy Duplantis, on her fave hair tools and got the scoop on all of her professional tips to achieve your dream curls.

Here are the best hair tools to achieve every type of curl.

DRYBAR The Mixologist Interchangeable Styling Iron

The Mixologist comes fitted with three different attachments to give three different looks. This includes a 1-inch Wand for Defined Waves, a 1.25-inch Curling Iron for Classic Curls, and a Waver for Natural, Beachy Waves. 

$263 at Chatters

CINDY’S TIP: All three attachments can be used to achieve one glamorous look! Try using the Waver to add natural volume to pieces that fall a bit flat, the Wand for curling away your fringe or face framing layers and the Curling Iron can be used all over sporadically to give your curls a more natural look.

HOT TOOLS Black Gold Volumizing Brush

This tool is perfect for achieving the fresh out of the salon, voluminous blow-out look!

$108.37 at Chatters

CINDY’S TIP: Ensure your hair is 80 – 90% dried before using the Hot Tools Volumizing Brush, this is how to get the best results! To get that fresh out of the salon look and mimic the skills of your stylist, maintain clean sections beginning at the nape of your neck and working your way up.


The KENNETH BERNARD Vibe Flat Iron is great to create a couple of different types of curls including a bouncy glamorous curl or a beachy S-wave.

$179.95 at Chatters

CINDY’S TIP: If you’ve only ever used your flat iron to achieve the bouncy glamorous curls, give the beachy S-waves a try by alternating the direction of your wrist to form an ‘S’ as you glide the flat iron down each section of hair.

HOT TOOLS Gold Spring Curling Iron

The ½” HOT TOOLS Gold Spring Curling Iron is the best to achieve super tight curls and coils.

$56.24 at Chatters

CINDY’S TIP: Not only is this great for those who want to achieve a super curly look, but it’s also great for those born with naturally tight curls! The Hot Tools Gold Spring Curling Iron can help you to spruce up some of your natural curls that have loosened or gone frizzy over time.

GAMA PROFESSIONAL IQ Dryer with Diffuser Attachment

Not only is the Hair Dryer itself light and easy to use, this professional grade hair dryer is super powerful and will last a very long time!

$514.95 at Chatters

CINDY’S TIP: After applying your product to soaking wet hair, scrunch remaining moisture out with a microfiber towel (such as the DEVACURL Towel) and finish the look with your diffuser. When using your diffuser, ensure you’re holding in one spot at a time, alternating between hot and cold temperature, instead of vigorous movements – vigorous movements will break up your curls and create frizz.

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