If you Love Thrillers, You Need to See ‘The Butcher’ in Toronto

Nicholas Billon’s The Butcher is in town for a limited time. If you love thrillers, you’re going to want to see it. Read our review and find out how you…
If you Love Thrillers, You Need to See 'The Butcher' in Toronto

I can’t believe how entertaining Nicholas Billon’s thriller The Butcher was despite the heavy plot about torture and genocide. I was prepared for a dark play, and was shocked by how funny the beginning was, until later when it did, in fact, turn dark.

With only four actors, it was easy to get to know each character very well and because I knew them so well, the twists and turns were even more compelling. The pace of the script had me constantly changing my mind on who I liked or disliked, and had me completely involved. The dialogue was so quick back and forth that there was constant tension, stress, and discomfort amongst many other feelings.

Perhaps my favourite aspect of the play was its production, mainly lighting and sound. Taking place in a police station, the set did not change, but there were many highlights captured by intensely stylized lighting and sound.

Overall, another thrilling hit brought to the city by David Mirvish – a must see!

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