The Top Jewellery Brands To Shop If You Love Mejuri

The Top Jewellery Brands To Shop If You Love Mejuri

Are you a fanatic for accessories? If the answer is yes, then you’ve definitely come across the beloved Mejuri brand. It has such trendy and chic necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more to elevate your look. However, if you want to explore other brands, there are actually many other jewellery stores that offer trendy and unique styles. So keep reading to browse all of the top brands on our list. You may even find your new go-to!

Here are the top jewellery brands to shop if you love Mejuri


Armed offers fade and tarnish free jewellery, so you never have to worry about ruining your new fave pieces. The accessories are made by hand with high quality chains, stones, and fine metals, to make a statement. The brand even has vintage style home decor and apparel as a bonus.

Jenny Bird

Jenny created Jenny Bird in 2008, and has become Canada’s leading fashion jewellery designer. Jenny Bird has been worn on many Hollywood celebrities, stylists, and influential people around the world, from Mandy Moore to Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez to Mindy Kaling. The jewellery designs are striking yet wearable and are designed to be worn for years to come.

Wolf Circus

jewellery brands if you love mejuri
Facebook/Wolf Circus Jewelry

Wolf Circus is a line of jewellery thoughtfully designed and hand made in Vancouver, BC — with pieces just for you. The brand aims to inspire others to embrace their confidence during their daily hustle. All of the pieces are made from either recycled sterling silver or recycled bronze that is coated in a high grade 14k gold plating.


MONDO MONDO actually began as a line of t-shirts back in 2012. The owner, Natasha Ghosn, then expanded into creating collection after collection of handcrafted, classically inspired jewellery. The pieces are inspired by gorgeous heirlooms and relics. You also have the option of purchasing a custom piece where Natasha works with precious stones to create a one of a kind MONDO MONDO work of art.

Edwards & Davies

At Edwards & Davies, it’s committed to providing customers with a beautiful selection of jewellery suited for any occasion and budget. The shop believes in the integrity of its products and is qualified to make recommendations tailored to your needs. It’s a family-owned and operated store that stays loyal to its customers and neighbourhood.


Bluboho is all about having a sense of uniqueness. The brand carries fine pieces with ethically sourced, raw, and refined materials. It creates jewellery that tells a story and marks the beautiful moments in life. If you love adding interesting designs in your accessories collection and layering dainty pieces, then this brand is for you.


OMA THE LABEL is a brand focused on challenging homogenous industry standards, while offering quality and affordable pieces for the everyday woman. The company was built to fill the gap of needing more brands who represent people of colour. OMA THE LABEL produces pieces to make women feel empowered and confident.

Justine Clenquet

Justine Clenquet‘s accessories are a mix between femininity and masculinity, mixing universes and styles, and punk pieces with a glamorous touch. The items are handmade in France with brass dipped in 24k pale gold, palladium, and Swarovski crystals. They are adjustable and can be worn in many different ways such as a choker becomes a bracelet and earrings can be mixed up. So, if you’re looking for a brand that has ‘cool girl vibes,’ then this is definitely it.

Leigh Miller

Leigh Miller is a collection of fine and contemporary jewelry designed by founder, Leigh Miller Newman, in Los Angeles. The collections are inspired by natural patterns that are translated into metal. Leigh uses the ancient tradition of lost wax casting, then she sculpts in molten wax, casts her pieces, and hand-hammers them into intimately organic forms.  The collection is crafted in a full spectrum of metals which include brass, bronze, sterling silver, pink, and yellow gold. There is also a selection of pieces that feature semi-precious stones and Japanese silk cording.

Eleventh House Jewellery

jewellery brands if you love mejuri
Facebook/Eleventh House Jewellery

Eleventh House Jewellery is a Toronto jewellery brand created by designer Morgan Dowler. It offers beautiful simplistic pieces that add a little something to every look. Eleventh House Jewellery also donates a percentage of sales to several different organizations each year like Black Lives Matter, Planned Parenthood, and more.

Sterling Forever

Discover a mix of easy to wear pieces inspired by fashion runway styles and celeb favourites. Sterling Forever produces gorgeous jewellery that’s made to last and keep you on top of all of the trends. Plus, the prices are very affordable too!

Dainty Diamond

With a passion for jewellery and women’s empowerment, Dainty Diamond seriously has all of the jewellery that you’re searching for. From earrings to rings, to even anklets, you’re sure to fall in love with this shop! It offers high-quality pieces made from solid gold, sterling silver, and gold vermeil, that you’ll have in your collection forever.

Anna Sportun

This brand combines the traditional techniques of gold-smithing and the irregularity of the organic form of the materials to create unique pieces. The owner, Anna Sportun, began making jewellery as a teenager and opened her first atelier in the 1980s. She has become an expert in creating gorgeous and eye-catching accessories, making her store is a go-to for jewellery in Toronto.

The Pearl Source

The Pearl Source is a company dedicated to – you guessed it – pearls. In addition to sustainably sourcing its pearls, the knowledgeable experts walk with you through the whole process of choosing, designing, and creating the perfect pearl jewelry for every occasion. The brand is able to offer great prices because it puts you directly in touch with the source, and cuts out the middle man. Its goal is to bring the pearls straight to you and to take you straight to the source. 

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