This Is The Only Courier Service You Should Be Using Right Now

This Is The Only Courier Service You Should Be Using Right Now

If you haven’t heard of this service, we’re going to tell you all about it and why you should be using it instead of your usual delivery service. If you have heard about it, then you should feel guilty for not using it already (joking – but seriously, start now).

Good Foot Delivery is a personalized point-to-point delivery service on foot and public transit creating job opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. It is also a social enterprise and registered charity so when you support Good Foot, you are empowering members of your community to get a step up on creating their own independence.

Here is all the extra information you need to know:

Good Foot customers are participating in cutting out the stigma and barriers for people with disabilities. The service is a conscious choice to help employ and integrate this community into society at large.

Such a diverse group of companies use Good Foot Delivery, like Telus, CIBC, Facebook, Propeller Coffee Co, Duet Public Relations, Nicklebrook Brewing Company, Ace Hill, TD Canada and more.

Featured Image: Instagram/ @goodfootdelivery

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