This is What Canadians Are Buying This Valentine’s Day

According to a recent survey conducted by eBay Canada, this is what Canadians buy and how much they spend on Valentine’s Day.
This is What Canadians Are Buying This Valentine's Day

Even though we can’t put a price on love, when it comes to Valentine’s Day it’s hard not to think about numbers. Whether we’re planning to splurge or save, inevitably, we’ll have to pay. And according to eBay Canada statistics, we’re definitely not alone.

After analyzing e-commerce activity leading up to the most romantic day of the year, eBay Canada found some surprising results about Valentine’s Day.

It turns out, Canadians aren’t afraid to spend extra on their significant others. This year, some of the most expensive presents for Valentine’s Day purchased in Ontario include:

  • A diamond Miami Cuban 14 karat round cut gold chain, purchased for $37,000 CAD
  • A 1980’s 18 karat gold diamond snake bracelet, purchased for $19,000 CAD
  • A men’s white gold Rolex, purchased for $35,000 CAD.

Among the most popular Valentine’s Day related categories are adult toys and lingerie. Other categories include:

  • Celebrity-inspired makeup (e.g. Kylie Lip Kit & Anastasia Beverly Hills),
  • Rolex watches,
  • Athleisure apparel (Adidas, yoga apparel)
eBay Canada also reports that January is the busiest time of year for diamonds. According to statistics from last year, diamond jewelry and accessories were purchased the most by Canadians on eBay the month before Valentine’s Day.

How much do you typically spend on Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

Featured image: Instagram/ @giorgioarmani