10 Tips & Tricks To Save Money While Grocery Shopping

Are you looking for easy ways to incorporate money savings tips? Grocery shopping can seriously rack up the bills if you’re not paying attention to the items you’re purchasing, or worse—shopping on an empty stomach. There are small adjustments you can make during your next supermarket run to ensure you’re not shocked at the total when you’re checking out.

Here are tips and tricks to save money while grocery shopping.

Download Grocery Apps 

Check out grocery apps to compare flyers, coupons, and prices all in one place! These apps do all of the work, so you don’t have to. Some even have points programs and cash-back incentives.

Stick To Your Grocery List

Thoroughly plan out your grocery list before heading out to the stores and be sure to stick to it. Following your detailed list will stop you from spending unnecessary money on items you probably don’t need. Skip the snack isle and avoid browsing sections of the store that don’t have the foods on your list.

Know Food Prices

Be sure to have an idea of the prices of the foods you are buying regularly. This will help you figure out when prices go up or down, or even compare prices between other grocery stores to score the best deal possible.

Shop The “Reduced” Section

Don’t forget to make a stop by the “reduced” section at your local grocery shop. You’ll typically find ripe produce that is great for baking or making smoothies—at a much cheaper cost. You could even get day-old bread that’s still good for eating or even making croutons and French toast! This is your chance to get creative in the kitchen while saving some cash.

Stock Up On Coupons

If your go-to grocer has flyers handy in-store or online, be sure to browse before heading out. Never miss out on deals on items that are on your list.

Shop the store brand

Typically, the no-name or store brand is just as good as other brands, without the higher price tag. Save money this way especially when shopping for pasta, canned goods, and produce.

Sales Days

The next time you’re grocery shopping, ask an employee which day they usually have sales on, so you can learn when the best time is to visit. This can help you plan out your trips better and receive awesome discounts while you’re at it!

Shop At “Cheaper” Grocery Stores

It’s no secret that grocery stores like Fortinos and Longos are more expensive to shop at than grocery stores like No Frills and Walmart. If you’re trying to save money while stocking up – shopping at budget grocery stores is the way to go.

Price Match

Check if any grocery stores around you price match! This way no matter where you’re shopping, you know you’ll always be getting the lowest possible price.

Don’t Over-Stock

Going hand-in-hand with making a grocery list and sticking to it, ensure you know how many groceries you actually need. All too often we over-stock and end up having to throw out expired food. Which is super wasteful and can be easily avoided. When in doubt, less is more. You can always go back out if you need more groceries.

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