A Traditional Filipino Kamayan Dinner Is Coming to Toronto

Filipino cuisine has never been popular in the GTA, and it’s about time!

Filipino cuisine has never been popular in the GTA,  and it’s about time!  With the rich flavours and history, and thousands of Toronto Filipino residents it’s no surprise that the rest of the city is finally catching on to the great variety of tastes and dishes that Filipino cuisine offers.

As a way to celebrate Filipino cuisine-  Platito a local Filipino soul food eatery is hosting a traditional Kamayan dinner. Platito means small plates and describes how the dishes are presented. Essentially think tapas but with a Filipino twist.  However, there will be a twist for the Kamyan dinner. Because a traditional Kamya Dinner centers around communal sharing and eating with your hands, for one night only Chef Karlo Cunanan (formerly Momofuko) will roll out a whole feast on a table for everyone to enjoy.

For more information and to buy tickets head over to the event listing on Eventbrite.