T&T Asian Market Is Facing Major Backlash

T&T Asian Market Is Facing Major Backlash

** UPDATE: T&T has backpedaled on a plan to cut paid breaks, following the public’s anger over some Tim Hortons’ franchises decision to slash perks in response to Ontario’s $2.40 minimum wage increase, the Star reported. **

The largest Asian supermarket in Canada is in major turmoil. Serious complaints from employees at T&T Supermarket have come to light.

According to the Star, the grocery giant claimed “it implemented a number of changes last year to make its operations more competitive and attractive to talent. These included better pension conditions, higher starting wages, as well as the elimination of pay breaks.” This was clearly false.

Now, we know the truth. The supermarket supposedly terminated lots of employees late last year and now are facing a number of other “serious allegations.” Some of these include, “laying off older and longer-time employees, cutting hours of part-time workers, and cutting back benefits for full-time long-term staff.” These issues were sent in a letter to Labour Minister Kevin Flynn from the Toronto based Chinese and Southeast Asian Legal Clinic. Apparently, most of these issues began post-November 2017, stated the Star.

“T&T told the Star that the dismissals had nothing to do with tenure and that almost half the people recently let go had less than five years’ service with the company.” They were also forced to sign a confidential release form in exchange for an extra sum of money.

Most of the employees are immigrants with English as their second language and weren’t able to fully understand the document they were signing. The Star reports, “the letter raised concerns about how people understand their rights at the time they are being terminated.” It’s unjust not to allow people to understand their human rights. It’s appalling that these types of things are happening in the world in 2018. Even more disappointing, is it’s happening on Canadian soil.


Source: The Star